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Dr. David Jeremiah Daily Devotional For Today November 10 2023.

    The theme for today’s daily devotional by David Jeremiah is ”Boston’s Angel”

    SCRIPTURE: His mighty angels. 2 Thessalonians 1:7

    While swerving to avoid another car, Pastor John Boston struck a utility pole in Columbus, Ohio. A live transformer crashed into his car, sending thousands of volts of electricity into the vehicle. Even touching the car was dangerous. The vehicle burst into flames and began melting all around the pastor. His seatbelt was stuck, and the door wouldn’t open. Suddenly, a stranger walked up, opened the door, pulled the pastor out of the car, and helped him to a safe place just before the car exploded. Then the stranger suddenly said he had to leave, and he was never seen again. Even the emergency responders wondered if the stranger was actually an angel.1

    When we’re in a dangerous situation, God may choose to use angels to protect us from harm. He has many other methods, of course. We know He loves and cares for us, and He can certainly dispatch angels whenever He pleases.

    In times of fear, let’s trust God to protect us however He chooses to do so. It might involve an angel, and we might not even know about it until we get to heaven.

    I don’t think angels come to us with wings and white robes shining lights. I think they come as help and that’s what I had that day.
    John Boston

    Source: Turning Point Ministries

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