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Dr David Jeremiah Daily Devotional April 19 2022 : Listen to This!

    Dr David Jeremiah Daily Devotional April 19 2022 :

    Let Your mercy, O Lord, be upon us, just as we hope in You.
    Psalm 33:22

    Last year a truck wrecked on an interstate highway in Indiana, spilling a vast amount of honey. All the lanes of Interstate 65 were blocked. The Indiana Highway Patrol called it a “sticky situation,” and it took hours to clear the mess so traffic could resume.

    The sweet mercy of God covers the highway in front of every sinner headed toward judgment. He blesses the just and the unjust, and His handiwork is manifested in all directions. He is merciful beyond measure and loving beyond limits. Those determined to head down the broad road leading to destruction must wade through the merciful blessings of God who seeks to turn them back. Oh, that the tracks of all who reject Him would be slowed by His mercy until they turn toward eternal life!

    Even amid judgment, God is merciful. Let His mercies turn you toward the straight and narrow path leading to the heavenly gates.

    God’s mercy and grace gives me hope—for myself, and for our world.
    Billy Graham.

    Author : David Jeremiah

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