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Dr. Cynthia James: Biography, Age, Family, Husband, Net Worth, Books etc

    Dr. Cynthia James biography: 

    Dr Cynthia James is an international speaker, an established author, and a Christian psychologist. 

    Dr Cynthia James helps extraordinary women live their dreams! If you are ready to step up your game, free yourself from the past and finally live the life you have always dreamed of, then Cynthia James is your best couch and companion.

    Dr Cynthia James provided below information about Dr. Cynthia James;

    Dr. James has served over 2,000 congregations nationally and internationally, providing applied theological training and support in leadership development and congregational health.  She has served as a national & international speaker in Finland, Estonia, several cities in South Africa, Istanbul, as well as numerous locations in the Caribbean and Virgin Islands.

    She has been instrumental in the planting of churches and providing pastoral care to pastors throughout the Western Region of the U.S, including HI and Guam, as well as serving missionaries in 94 countries.

    Dr. James has held full-time and adjunct faculty positions at Rutgers University, The University of Pittsburgh, California State University East Bay, Simpson College, and Allegheny Community College.

    Additionally, she has been the recipient of numerous awards, which include: Woman of the Year (UMC, Pgh. PA.), National Science Fellowship, Danforth Scholar, Educational Testing Service Intern, and the coveted United States President’s Volunteer Action Award.

    Among her favored recognitions are a former board member for the Family Research Council,  Earl Lecturer for the Graduate Theological Union, Guest  Graduate Lecturer for Princeton University Seminary, and papers presented at Boston University and the University of Maryland. Dr. James was highly honored to receive recognition as an Honorary Member of the United States Army 3rd Brigade, 91st Division (Training Support). She also treasures repeated opportunities to have served as preacher and lecturer at the Hampton Minister’s Conference and expert consultant for several educational and faith-based television and movie productions. Dr. James was previously featured in a 26-week preaching series on Christian Television and hosted two radio broadcasts. (The current broadcast recently completed a six-year run.)

    Among the positions she is most honored to have held are:

    • Current tenure as Associate Pastor/ Director of Education at The Potter’s House, Dallas (7 years), Advisor – Academic Affairs at Jakes Divinity School (current),
    • Director of Pastoral Care, Congregational Health, and the International Youth Convention of the Church of God, Anderson, IN, Vice President of City Team Ministries (7 years),
    • Nearly 40 years as a Senior Pastor and Regional Director of two Jurisdictions in the Western Region (15 years).
    • Dr. James was consecrated to the office of Bishop in 2001 and has previously served on the Board of Trustees for Warner Pacific College, the So. California School of Ministries, the San Francisco Council of Churches, the World Bishop’s Council, and (currently) the Joint College for African American Bishops and Asbury Seminary Board of Trustees.
    • Her passionate interest continues in the following areas: Practical Theology, Pastoral Care (which includes Spiritual Formation) and executive leadership development, and developing a greater acceptance for a Psycho-Theological approach to scripture.
    • Dr. James shares a current interest with her spouse Alvin James (of nearly 50 years), in opportunities for global exchange and development, particularly with emerging African Nations.


    How Old is Dr. Cynthia James?

    Dr. Cynthia James was born on the 13th Day of August. However his year of birth is not known.  We are still making some research to have them discovered and updated here. Please stay tuned.

    Celebrating her birthday on the 13th August 2022, Dr. Cynthia James took to instagram to share:



    Dr. Cynthia James was born to her parents Mr. and Mrs. Rembert, her mother Thelma Edwards Rembert is late and there is no information on her father.


    There is no known information concerning Dr. Cynthia James’s siblings or her early life. basically information relation to Cynthia James family are currently not available on the internet, reason being that she is someone that enjoys a private life. However, we are still researching on all necessary information relation to her and will update all that as soon as discovered.


    Who is Dr. Cynthia James husband?

    Dr. Cynthia James is happily  married to Alvin James, they have been married for over 50 years. On the 16th day of August 2016, the couples celebrated their 47th marriage anniversary.

    Cynthia James Husband Alvin James


    Pastor Cynthia James has been a missionary in about 94 countries. Dr. Cynthia James is a committed and devoted preacher of the Gospel of Christ and has contributed immensely in the spiritual growth and development of thousands of people worldwide through her sermons, books and lifestyle generally.

    Dr Cynthia James

    CYNTHIA JAMES MINISTRY                   

    Dr. Cynthia James works with potters house as an associate pastor and director of education. She has been with Potters house for so many years and has contributed immensely in the growth of the ministry.


    How much is Cynthia James worth?

    How much does Dr. Cynthia James earn?

    How much is Dr. Cynthia James

    The exact net worth o f Dr. Cynthia James is unknown, but some of the sources of her income include, public speaking engagements, church salary, salary as Director of Education at the potter’s house among. We are still on research on how much Dr. Cynthia James is worth and how much she earns as salary in Potters house as an associate pastor


    Dr. Cynthia James has over the years in her effort to spread the Gospel of Christ released so many inspiring and life changing sermons.

    Here are some spirit lifting sermons by pastor Cynthia James:

    1. Burning but not burnt
    2. The God who changes heart
    3. Power of God
    4. Covenant: if God is for us
    5. How to trust in the promise
    6. Spiritual warfare
    7. The speed of purpose
    8. Ready for action
    9. Go the distance
    10. The hunter becomes the hunted

    Dr. Cynthia Jakes on the 16th day of August 2016 while celebration her 47th wedding anniversary with her husband Alvin James on Facebook, stated thus;

    As my husband sang it then, he sings it now;

    I have got sunshine on a Cloudy day,

    When its cold outside, i have got the month of May,

    Well I guess You’d say ….

    what can make me feel this way?

    my girl.

    talkin’ ’bout my girl.

    Today we are celebrating our 47th Wedding anniversary,

    to be loved…

    All Pastors