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DR. CINDY TRIMM : Biography, Age, Family, Children, Occupation, Contacts, Net worth etc


    Dr. Cindy Trimm is a  63 year old speaker , best-selling author , an advocate, a pastor and former senator of Bermuda.  Cindy who is unique empowerment specialist, was born in Bermuda to her parents on the 10 July 1958.

    Her father abandoned her mother with Cindy and other of her 6 siblings when she was just 2 year old and having a strong and determined mother, she mother raised her and her seven siblings. Cindy was a senator at Bermuda where she was born.  Dr. Trimm is the chancellor and provost of kingdom school of ministry.

    One remarkable thing about Dr. Cindy Trimm is that she  translates powerful spiritual truth into everyday language that empowers individuals to transform their lives and their communities. Her message brings fresh purpose, meaning, dignity, and hope to the audience.



    Cindy Trimm is is happily married to  pastor Russell Tomlinson. The couples  got married on October 2018. It may surprise you to know that Dr. Cindy Trimm got married for the very first time at age 60. Pastor Tomlinson Russell already had four children and grand children from his ex-wife first lady Renace Tomlinson who passed on, on the 5th of December 2015.  It was a Cinderella  wedding setting. The wedding of Dr. Cindy Trimm and Pastor Tomlinson Russell was held at the Hampton court palace in England. Being a loving and accommodating woman, she joined her husband in caring for all four children and four grand children.



    After her Secondary school, Cindy proceeded to  University of Georgia for her degree.  She has a doctorate degree in education and a diploma in executive leadership from Oxford University. She also went to Harvard University to acquire knowledge on Business School and Corporate Governance.

    Generally, She has grounded knowledge on Government, education, psychology and human development. This makes her a woman of vast knowledge.

    Dr. Cindy Trimm Husband

    Dr. Cindy is  happily married to Pastor Russell Tomlison. The couple got married  on October 2, 2018. Pastor Russell Tomlison proposed to Dr. Cindy in a  function in Bermuda where she was a key speaker. According to Dr, Cindy in a , Pastor Russell Tomlison was just a colleague whom she knew the wife and children. they lived in her neighbourhood but havent seen for about 25 years .  she reached out to Pastor Russell Tomlison in 2016 upon hearing the death of the wife. Few months later, Pastor Russell Tomlison called cindy to declare his interest. Initially Cindy was dumbfounded.Then in 2017, Pastor Russell Tomlison proposed and engaged her.  Dr. Cindy Trimm and Pastor Russell Tomlison marriage has reamined a very happy one. Cindy’s marriage is a lesson to women worldwide who feel there is a particular age for marraige.


    Dr. Cindy Trimm Ministry

    Dr. Cindy Trimm is the founder of  the Cindy Trimm ministries, the mission and goal of the Cindy Trimm ministry is to engage in prayers, heal the soul and spread the message of the kingdom. Cindy has remained absolutely devoted and relentless in her effort towards the spread of the gospel and reaching out to people in prayers.

    Cindy Trimm ministry address is at 950 Eagles Landing Pkwy #347, Stockbridge, GA 30281, United States. The Official phone number of Cindy Trimm ministry is  +1 678-752-4333



    Dr. Cindy Trimm is a very wealthy woman. Her sources of income are just too  numerous. Being bestselling author, she made some of her money from selling her book of which she has written over 60, she was also the senator of Bermuda where she was born. She is also a well known public speaker which also adds to her income, her social media accounts also add up to her income. She is also the current CEO of the Trimm international foundation

    It may interest you to also note that she was Listed among Ebony magazine’s Power 100 as the “top 100 doers and influencers in the world today, she is worth fifteen million United States dollars ($15,000,000).



    As earlier stated , Dr. Cindy Trimm is a bestselling author who has written more than 60 life changing and inspiring books. Greater part of her income comes from the sale of her books. Below is the list of some of the wonderful and top books of Dr. Cindy Trimm;

    • Commanding your morning
    • The 40 days soul fast.
    • Rules of engagement.
    • The art of war for spiritual battle.
    • The prayer warriors way.
    • Hello tomorrow.
    • History maker: arise and take your place.
    • PUSH: persevere until success.
    • Goodbye yesterday.
    • Till heaven invades earth: power.



    Cindy Trimm is just a woman that has devoted herself in human devolopment spiritually and otherwise. She has remained relentlessly committed in her effort toward the spiritual growth of people worldwide through her sermons and books. She also seizes her public speaking opportunities to educate and enlighten the listeners . Below are some of the inspiring sermons by Dr. Cindy Trimm;

    • The treasure within.
    • A life without limits.
    • The treasure within.
    • Fields of favor.
    • Get in your elements.
    • The power of a good name.
    • Moving with wisdom.
    • The art of thinking.
    • Planted to prosper.
    • Pushed into your place of power.



    In the course of her preaching and speaking activities, Dr. Cindy is known for some powerful and meaningful quotes some of which includes;


    1. “If you are feeling unfulfilled in any area of your life, now is the time to re-evaluate what you are pursuing and re-align your priorities.”


    1. “You have to recognize when you’ve outgrown a realm! Don’t be afraid to change because of whom you might lose in the process! Your growth will attract new and effective relationships”


    1. “God will not give you an instruction, assignment, vision or dream without giving you directions, strategies and resources to bring them to pass! Expect breakthroughs, surprises, checks in the mail, uncommon favor, promotions & miracles to happen all year long!”


    1. “You are only as strong as your ability to withstand opposition. This is what brings out the best in us! Gold is refined in the fire and your life’s beauty is revealed through the oppositions that you encounter.”


    1. “You have hidden potential that the enemy is afraid of! It doesn’t matter how educated you are, or how much privilege you have or don’t have… if you don’t learn to leverage the opposition as a means of tapping into your potential…you will never experience success.”


    1. “Pain does not always equate with something bad; it could simply mean it’s time to adjust. It could be an indication that the time has passed for you to be where you are now and that you need to push to the next level.”


    1. “Don’t stop praying! The way of prayer dictates that until there is a release in your spirit-an assurance that the matter is resolved or tangible evidence of deliverance–do not stop praying”.



    1. “You can become the trailblazer of your life and accomplish that which no one in your family has ever done before! The Holy Spirit is your guide and provides the creativity and inspiration for you to design a life of unmatched brilliance.”


    1. “Potential is never realized until you are challenged in your current state of complacency. The opposition is bringing out the best in you.”


    1. “No matter how far behind you feel, God has already arranged a comeback for every setback! Keep pushing.”




    • Ambassador of Goodwill for the State of Tennessee
    • The Guinness Book of World Records; Woman of the Year for Outstanding Community & Professional Achievement;
    • Twentieth Century Award for Achievement; Two Thousand Notable American Women, and listed among the top 500 Leaders of Influence.
    • She has also received awards and distinctions from the Queen of England, the Duke of Edinburgh and the Governor of Bermuda.




    Instagram: @cindytrimm

    Twitter: @Cindytrimm




    Summary of facts about Dr. Cindy Trimm:

    1. As at 2021, she is 63 year old.
    2. Born in Bermuda.
    3. father deserted her with her mother and siblings when she was just 2 year old.
    4. She was once a senator in Bermuda , her place of birth.
    5. She is a pastor, bestselling author and renowned public speaker.
    6. She is happy married to Pastor Russell Tomlison.
    7. Dr. Cindy Trimm got married for the first time at the age of 60.
    8. Pastor Russell Tomlison and Dr. Cindy Trimm got married on the 2 October 2018.


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