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Dr. Charles Stanley sermons 16 September 2021 – The Forgiving Father

    Dr. Charles Stanley sermons 2021 The Forgiving Father : Jesus in the parable of the prodigal son, was saying, the door is always wide open for sinner’s to come home. No matter how wicked a person may have been or futile their lives might be, there is an open door to salvation and forgiveness  is always open. We know this is true because we are still alive.

    Everyone of us have sinned, all of us have had to confess our sins and repent at various points of our lives but our names got written in the lambs book of life one time. All of us who have trusted christ as our saviour, have our names in the book of life.

    The prodigal son was dissatisfied with everything he had, his fathers care, servants, a great future and all. He became dissatisfied probably because he heard about this great place with lots of beautiful women and how amazing the place was.

    We were Taught by Dr. Charles Stanley that we should be careful of what we listen to. The dissatisfaction brought about a new desire which was to enjoy life, the prodigal son made a decision to enjoy life. The decision to enjoy life was a dangerous one because it involves leaving what you have and involving yourself in things that will probably be acceptable to some but not God.

    Thats what every sinner says at some point, “i am going to enjoy life”. Following that decision is always departure from the site of God even though its against Gods will. At first it is usually exciting and delightful, but the end is usually nasty and sad. but in the case of the prodigal son, he was fortunate enough to return back to his father and he was overly surprised when his father received him with open arms and no punishments.

    Not everyone knows that the fathers hand is always open so they continue to suffer in sin sometimes because of fear or shame. we are always free to return to God, he will forgive us, for he is a merciful Father


    Luke 15;20-24




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