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Following Jesus – Dr. Charles Stanley sermon.

    Dr. Charles Stanley sermon Following Jesus : Where does Jesus Christ fit into your life?

    Who is a true follower of Jesus? To be a true follower of Jesus, you must be born again for John 3:3 says unless a man is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God or enter the kingdom of God. Being born again involved confessing your sins, surrendering your life to God and accepting his forgiveness in your life then beginning to work in his ways.

    Secondly, if you are a follower of Jesus you must be prayerful, in Luke 6 vs. 12, Jesus went of to the mountain and prayed for the whole night, prayer is a major part of being a follower of Christ. How to do you face your daily issues without talking to God or go to bed without talking to God? Prayer should be a habit, pray about everything, and start your day with praying. Pray without ceasing.

    Thirdly as a follower of Christ you have to listen to him. One of the greatest weaknesses among believers is failing to listen to God, how many of us are listening to God? How many of us have stayed by ourselves or knelt down to pray but instead say Lord I am not going to ask for anything I have come to here you?

    Fourthly we must believe Jesus and trust in him at all times, during struggles and good times.

    Fifthly a follower of Christ must love him with all his heart and soul. Ask your self this questions and know where you stand with following Christ.

    Finally, all who follow Jesus, must obey him, obedience is essential.

    Bible verse for this preaching

    Matthew 4 vs18 20

    John 3:16

    John 8:12


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