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Dr. Anita Phillips Biography, Age, Career, Family, Net Worth

    Dr. Anita Phillips Biography : 

    Dr Anita Phillips is a renowned Trauma therapist and life coach.  She is the Host of ”In The Light Podcast” and an expert at unraveling the human experience.

    Dr. Anita Phillips Biography

    Dr. Phillips is popularly known for her paradigm-shifting insights at the intersection of mental health, spirituality, and culture.  Her work is guided by one simple idea: ”most things that seem complicated are actually just hard”.

    From overthrowing anxiety to reimagining the path to equity, Dr. Anita helps people, groups, and organizations accomplish hard things.

    Dr., Anita Phillips is happily married to Pastor Michael Phillips with two children (a boy and a girl). The famous trauma therapist , Dr. Anita Phillips whose exact year of birth is yet unknown was born on the 18th day of October and accordingly, she marks her birthday on the 18 October every year.

    Dr. Anita Phillips Age/ birthday

    The renowned trauma therapist, Anita Phillips was born on the 18th October. she therefore marks her yearly birthday on the 18th day of October. Unfortunately the exact year of birth of Dr Anita Phillips is still unknown, hence making it impossible to know her exact age.

    Celebration Dr. Anita Phillips 2022 birthday, Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts took to instagram to share this:

    Dr. Anita Phillips Educational Background and Career.

    Dr. Anita holds degrees from the University of Maryland and Regent University and completed an NIH-funded postdoctoral fellowship at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. She serves on the Advisory Board for the Boris L. Henson Foundation and the Faith Communities Task Force for the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention.

    At home in Baltimore, she ministers alongside her husband, Pastor Michael Phillips, at Kingdom Life Church. Anita Phillips is a renowned trauma therapist, life coach, minister and Podcaster.

    Dr. Anita Phillips
    Dr. Anita Phillips


    Anita Phillips Family 

    Dr. Phillips was born to her American parents both of whom were pastors. She however grew up with her elder sister  named Valerie who battled with mental illness and addiction and later died. Information relation to other siblings of Anita Phillips and the names of her parents are currently unknown.

    Anita Phillips Sister

    Dr Anita Phillips grew up with her big sister named Valerie. Valeria battled with mental illness, schizophrenia, Bipolar disorder and addiction for decades. She was healed rehab, medication and therapy. However, he later died on the 7th April 2016 from heart attack caused by the addiction.

    Dr. Anita Phillips husband and children

    Dr. Anita is happily married to Pastor Michael Phillips who is a senior pastor of Kingdom Life Church.

    Dr. Anita Phillips Husband Pastor Michael Phillips
    Dr. Anita Phillips Husband Pastor Michael Phillips


    Anita and Michael Phillips’ marriage is blessed with two children, a daughter named Olivia Grace and a son named Mike.

    Dr Anita Phillips children
    Dr Anita Phillips children Olivia and Michael

    Anita Phillips daughter, Olivia Grace joined DePaul University on the 21 September 2021. Pastor Michael and Dr. Anita Phillips has been married for 26 years. They celebrated their 25th marriage anniversary on the 11th August 2021.

    Dr. Anita Phillips Church

    Dr. Anita alongside her husband Pastor Michael Phillips, ministers at Kingdom Life Church. She also from time to time delivers sermon at Potter’s House Church Dallas. She has also few times has a gospel message session with Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts. Dr. Anita Phillips is a big time promoter and supporters of Women Evolve.

    Picture of Dr. Anita Phillips and Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts
    Dr. Anita Phillips and Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts


    Anita Phillips Sermons.

    The Co-pastor of Kingdom Life Church, Dr. Anita Phillips has delivered a lot of life changing and inspiring sermons both at Kingdom Life Church, Potter’s House Church etc.

    Some of her spirit lifting and insightful sermons include:

    1. The Promise Fulfilled
    2. How Are You?
    3. Lost in Translation
    4. Unpacking
    5. Heart Over Mind
    6. Good Ground
    7. How To Be Healed Instead Of Answered

    Dr. Anita Phillips Podcast

    Dr. Phillips is the Co-host of the popular podcast called ”In the light podcast” featured in the Women Evolve Network.

    In the Light Podcast contains about 76 Episodes as at October 2022. Dr. Anita is bent on helping people evolve / metamorphose into the best version of themselves.

    Anita Phillips Social Media Handles

    Anita Phillips Instagram  dranitaphillips

    Some amazing pictures of the famous trauma therapist and life Coach, Dr. Anita Phillips

    Anita Phillips son Michael
    Anita Phillips and her son Michael


    Picture of Dr. Anita Phillips, Joel Osteen and Victoria Osteen
    Dr. Anita Phillips, Joel Osteen and Victoria Osteen

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