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See How Sarah Jakes Roberts Celebrated Dr. Anita Phillips on Her Birthday

    Dr Anita Phillips Birthday : The daughter of Bishop TD Jakes, wife of Toure Roberts and the founder of women Evolve, Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts (SJR) has taken to instagram to celebrate Dr. Anita Philips who is her friend and one of the greatest promoters of Women Evolve.

    Dr. Anita Phillips is a  trauma therapist, life coach and minister. She is the wife of Pastor Michael Phillips of the Kingdom Life Church. She ministers along her husband at Kingdom of Life Church.  Anita Philips is an expert at unraveling the human experience. She is Known for her paradigm-shifting insights at the intersection of mental health, faith and culture. Pastor Michael Phillips wife, Dr. Anita Phillips’ work is guided by one simple idea: most things that seem complicated are actually just hard.

    Dr Anita Phillips was born on the 18th day of October and as such marks her birthday on October 18 every year. Dr Anita Phillips age is unfortunately unknown as a result of not knowing his exact year of birth.

    Celebrating Dr Anita Philip birthday, Pastor SJR took to instagram to write :  

    First we were acquaintances orbiting the same rooms. No words were spoken but a few glances were shared.

    Then you came and supported the first WE. I thought it was nice. God knew it was a beginning. Together we’ve served thousands of women. Beckoning them to meet us at the intersection of faith and mental health. A friendship that has purpose should never be taken for granted.

    It didn’t stop at purpose though. It developed into something that requires no purpose at all. My real friend. My real cheerleader. My real raggedy buddy. My real prayer partner. My real reprieve from pressure. My real push into owning my strength.

    I join the chorus of lives changed by your life in saying, Happy Birthday @dranitaphillips! I’m so glad you’ve survived and dared us all to thrive.

    Say, “Happy Birthday” to my friend. 🥰.

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