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Do You Love Him? – Joyce Meyer Daily Devotion (August-27-2021)

    Joyce Meyer (August-27-2021) Daily Devotion: Do You Love Him?

    In the story that contains today’s scripture, Jesus asked Simon Peter three times if he loved Him. All three times when Simon Peter said, “Yes,” Jesus answered with, “Then feed My sheep,” “Tend My sheep,” or “Feed My lambs,” (see John 21:15–17 NIV). On several occasions He referred to Himself as a Shepherd and His people as sheep, so Peter knew He was telling Him to love and help His people.

    I believe Jesus was saying in these verses that if we love Him, we should be helping other people, not simply gathering in buildings on Sunday morning to follow rules and rituals. If a church is not involved in reaching the lost and helping oppressed people, then they’re not fully functioning in God’s will for His children.

    The apostle John said that we know we’ve passed out of death into life by the fact that we love God’s family, and that someone who doesn’t love others stays in a state of spiritual death (see 1 John 3:14 NIV). In the same way, if a church is not overflowing with the genuine love of God, how can it be filled with life?

    The early church grew rapidly and had a wonderful reputation because it was filled with people who genuinely loved one another. What this world needs is love, and God is love. If we get involved in helping and genuinely loving the people around us, we can transform the world for His glory!

    Prayer Starter: Father, please help me be intentional to love those around me today. Thank You for giving me the wisdom and ability to bless the people You’ve put in my path. In Jesus’ Name, amen.

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