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Dharuis Daniels Sermon: Yesterday’s Price Is Not Today’s Price

    Dharuis Daniels Sermon Yesterday’s Price Is Not Today’s Price: In mark chapter 11 we get to eavesdrop, on a conversation that Jesus is having with his cohort, his mentees, his apprentices, his disciples and Jesus who is the ultimate instruct ultimate instructor, a powerful picture of what it means to effectively engage and elevate and evolve the minds of those that have submitted themselves to his leadership

    Jesus here makes an interesting statement after he models something in front of them, it’s the two paths of learning we see with Jesus, it’s experiential learning and informational learning. They had just observed his experience and this is what the disciples did, those of us who are living in our current context need to do better at instead of simply being impressed by what Jesus did, they wanted to be educated from what Jesus did so they asked him a question after Jesus curses this tree to wither regarding how he’s able to accomplish this and Jesus says something that Dr. Dharius Daniels finds interesting, he simply says to them, have faith in God, this seems like a simple statement on the surface, but if we dig deeper into this, the details of this dialogue we’ll discover some diamonds that will help us develop our faith.

    Jesus looks at people who are following him already and says have faith in God, they’re already following him and he tells those who are following him to have faith, so the statement have faith in God doesn’t seem powerful or profound if we simply base it on the merits of what Jesus said we have got to move beyond just looking at what Jesus said and we have also got to observe and examine who Jesus said it to, he said have faith in God to people that we would automatically assume already have faith in God.


    He’s saying to people that are close to him to have faith in him, which suggests that close to me is not the same as faith in me, yeah see sometimes closeness relationally is not an indication of revelation sometimes that’s an indication of desperation.


    Maybe he’s saying have faith in God not because they didn’t have a certain type of faith in the past, maybe he’s saying have faith in God because he knows they needed a different type of faith for the future, maybe God is using Jesus in a historical context. Maybe he’s saying yesterday’s price is not today’s price, what was appropriate and okay and suitable yesterday is no longer appropriate and okay and suitable for today, yesterday’s price is not today’s price yesterday’s faith is not today’s faith.

    maybe Jesus is implicitly, subliminally teaching us that different types of faith are needed for different types of seasons, maybe he’s saying different types of faith, are necessary for different types of seasons.

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