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Shameka Daniels Biography, Age, Birthday, Family, Children, Net worth

    Dharius Daniels Wife Shameka Daniels:


    Shameka Daniels is the wife of the famous preacher and lead pastor of Change Church in the person of Dharius Daniels.

    Shameka is known for being multi-talented and creative . She is the proud mother of Two , named Seth and Gabriel Daniels.


    Shameka Daniels Age

    How old is Shameka Daniels?

    When is Shameka Daniel’s birthday?

    What is Dharius Daniel wife age?

    Information regarding the actual date of birth, age and birthday of Shameka Daniels is presently not available on the internet. We are however making every reasonable effort to ensure that we discover Shameka Daniels age, birthday and exact date of birth. As soon as Dharius Daniels wife’s age is revealed, we shall update same here.

    Shameka Daniels Daniel Educational background

    Suffice to note that Shameka Daniels is a software Engineer. She has a Bachelor of Arts, degree in Software Engineering from the University of Southern Mississippi. She is a certified Grief Recovery Specialist through the Grief Recovery Institute and a certified John C. Maxwell Coach, Teacher, Trainer, and Speaker.

    Shameka Daniels Occupation /Career

    What does Shameka Daniels do for a living?

    The lovely wife of Dharius Daniels and the mother of Seth and Gabriel Dhaniels is a mentor and coach. She  offers both one-on-one coaching and mentorship groups. Her goal is to help you experience long-lasting joy through emotional healing. You will be able to unlock your inner strength and build a life of real peace that balances personal goals and realistic processes.

    Shameka will provide you with the support that you need to step by step change your life. Her content will be relevant, challenging, and applicable. Whether you have experienced a devastating loss, are stuck between where you are and where you desire to be or if you need relationship coaching for marriage, this is what you need! You CAN Live a Life with peace, freedom & Joy Everyday!.

    Shameka is passionate about helping others live a life of joy and peace, and she believes it all starts with the heart. Through LIVE, she provides healing heart intensives, coaching sessions, grief recovery groups, and speaking/teaching seminars.

    As a strong voice in the church community, she helps to lead many of the creative, administrative, and organizational aspects of the church. Shameka provides leadership to the ladies of Change Church through her women’s ministry affectionately titled Lioness.  She empowers and encourages women to be who God has fearfully and wonderfully made them be! Shameka coaches and disciples women to discover their calling through workshops, gatherings, and other creative events.

    Shameka Daniels Children

    Shameka Daniel is a proud mother of two children. Shameka Daniels marriage with the the senior pastor of Change Church, Pastor Dharius Daniels is blessed with two children named Seth and Gabriel.

    Shameka Daniels Husband Dharius Daniels

    Shameka Dhaniels is happily married to the senior pastor and founder of Change Church Dharius Daniels.

    Pastor Dharius Daniel is a devoted preacher of the Gospel who derives excess joy in winning souls for Christ. Dharius Daniel is the founder of Change Church and the supportive husband of Shameka Daniels.

    Dharius Daniels who was born on 7th of July, 1971  grew up in a small town Kilmicheal, with his Dad. Dharius happened to spend most of his early years in the church as a result of his father being a  bivocational Pastor.

    Shameka Daniels Net worth

    Information relating to Shameka Daniels net worth is currently not available. However it should be noted that Dharius Daniel, Shameka Daniels’ husband’s  net worth is also currently unknown, obviously because the couple live private lives.

    Shameka Daniels Height and Weight

    Detailed information as to Shameka Daniels’ height and weight are currently unknown. However, it is obvious from her pictures and videos that she is a woman of average height and moderate weight.

    Shameka Daniels Social Media contacts

    Shameka Daniels instagram

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