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Dharius Daniels Sunday Service July 24 2022

    Dharius Daniels Sunday Service July 24 2022 : You are invited to today’s Sunday Service at Change Church with Dr. Dharius Daniels. Today’s Live Sunday service is a special one filled with praises and worships as well as inspiring sermons. Please join today’s Dharius Daniels Sunday Service and enjoy the presence of God in your life.

    You can Stream Dharius Daniels sunday Service from anywhere around the world.

    Inviting everyone to this Sunday service, Pastor Dharius Daniels took to Instagram on Saturday to write:

    “Many baby believers get knocked off track and deflect from the faith because we’re not telling the part about the opposition they will face.

    Join me tomorrow for part 3 of Summer School, class is in session!”

    Join and be part of this Sunday gathering of Change Church and share in the blessings that comes from the presence of God. Stay tuned as we keep updating you with latest sermons, daily devotionals and Sunday services.

    Video Credit: Dharius Daniels YouTube

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