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Dharius Daniels sermons: Whatever It Takes

    Dharius Daniels sermons Whatever It Takes: The gospel of mark chapter two beginning with verse number one mark two verse number one says, a few days later when Jesus, entered Capernaum, the people heard that he had come home, they gathered in such large numbers, there was no room left not even outside the door and he preached the word to them, some men came bringing him a paralysed man carried by four of them, since they could not get him to Jesus because of the crowd they made an opening in the roof above Jesus, by digging through it and lowered the mat that the man was lying on, when Jesus saw their faith, he said to the paralysed man, son your sins are forgiven.


    Pastor Dharius Daniels talks to us on the title whatever it takes. He informs us, that our God is a God of principles, principles are rules of operation, they are sets of best practices that produce and promote and ensure the protection and the potential of a thing, they are the equivalent to tags filled with instructions that come on garments that you purchase, instruction that says things like only wash in cold water, don’t wash in warm water, those are principles those are sets of best practices intended to ensure the protection of and the potential of a thing. It’s like the creator of that thing is saying in order for you to protect this, and in order for you to get the most out of this, these are the sets of practices you need to follow.

    Dr. Dharius Daniels said, There are some things that want to get to you, that can’t get to you if you follow the instruction, i gave you for you, that means, if I follow the instruction that the manufacturer and the creator gave me with this garment, the garment lasts longer. This is why one of the areas of attention of the adversary is to make sure God’s people are unaware of the tag, that’s in the back of their garment.

    The enemy knows that they don’t have to destroy you if they can keep you uninformed regarding the principle, God’s given principle made to protect you. Faith in the creator then means more than just believing in God’s person, it also means I’ve got to believe in his principles and there’s a principle, the principle of partnership states that you can’t get what’s best for yourself by yourself, that you can’t possess everything that’s for you, with only you, that we were even though we live in a culture of independence in the kingdom we’ve been created to operate with interdependence.


    The apostle Paul spends an entire chapter in the book of Corinthians, trying to communicate this to people who have been swept up in the social norm and in the cultural trend, that I can just do it by myself and I and I don’t need anybody else and as long as I got Jesus I don’t need you and not realizing that sometimes Jesus works through them.


    He says this, the eye they can’t say they have no need of the hand and if somebody says their other hand they can’t say they have no need of the feel. We have been created and crafted to operate with interdependence because the power of all of us is greater than the power of any one of us, the enemy understands this this is why, he is always after unity he attacks unity with a unique kind of aggression.


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