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Prayer For February 2022 by Dephne Aviyah

    Dephne Aviyah Prayer For February 2022 : Dephne Aviyah shares this prayer for the month of February 2022 which she calls ‘The Month of Praise!’ She asks you to come in faith and let’s pray as Lloyd breaks down the different types of praise.

    Commenting on the year 2022 on Instagram, Dephne wrote:

    “2022 is a big year for the believer! Even for the unbeliever, there is a significant distinction! The LORD put on my heart to do a Proverbs31 work-ethic Year Plan. So I’m calling you all, you ladies, especially if you are unsure how to plan your 2022. On my YouTube channel Friday 21 January for #FidelityFridays we will look at our year spiritually, mentally, financially & physically!

    For example, where do you see yourself spiritually by the end of the year? If you see yourself as a more prayerful woman, we will look at how to lay a foundation and move it to a plan then achievable small daily/weekly steps! Perhaps you want to see your life more beautiful (physically)? We will do the same until you can take steps to live that reality. A vision with no action is simply a dream.

    Habakkuk 2:2 encourages us to:
    1. write the vision down (in faith)
    2. make it plain (understanding)
    3. Read it (See & speak it)
    4. Run with it (execution)”

    Watch and be blessed by this prayer for the February 2022 by Dephne Aviyah as we bring the latest messages from Pastors around the globe to you.

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