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Debbie Morris: Biography, Age, Family, Career, Ministry, Birthday, Net Worth,

    Debbie Morris is the executive pastor of women’s ministry at Gateway Church, a multi-campus church in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. She is wife to the lead pastor of Gateway Church, Robert Morris. She is also a conference speaker and an author.


    Debbie Morris is a pastor, conference speaker and author. She is the wife of Robert Morris, the lead pastor of Gateway Church.  Pastor Debbie serves as the Executive Pastor of Gateway Women. Debbie’s role is really all about setting the course and steering the direction for the women of Gateway.

    Debbie Morris Biography


    Debbie Morris was born in the United States of America on the 18th of August 1964, making her 58 years old as at the time of this publication (2022). Debbie celebrates her birthday on the 18th of August Yearly and this day remains a special day in her life, mapped out for celebrating with family, friends and well wishers.


    Debbie Morris is happily married to Pastor Robert Morris, who is the lead pastor of Gateway Church.

    Debbie Morris Husband Robert Morris

    Debbie fell in love with her husband after their first kiss. The couples later gor married in 1980 making them 42 years old in marriage.  Debbie’s husband Robert Morris serves as the Chairman of the Board of The Kings University. He features weekly on the “The Blessed Life program, and is the bestselling author of twelve books including “The Blessed Life”, “From Dream to Destiny” and “The God I Never Knew”.


    Debbie and her lovely husband are blessed with three children, a daughter named Elaine Fisher and two sons named Josh Morris and James Morris. The couple have nine grandchildren (2022)

    Debbie Morris’ daughter Elaine Fisher is a pastor at Gateway Church Houston. Elaine is married to Ethan Fisher and together they have 4 children.

    Elaine Fisher

    James Morris too is a pastor at Gateway Church. He is currently the executive pastor of Gateway and he oversees the kids, students, adult ministries, as well as the Gateway Worship.

    Pastor James Morris


    Debbie has a powerful influence on the Christian community at large. She is the visionary pilot behind Pink Impact. She is also the executive pastor of Gateway Women where she aims to lead the way and shine light for the Gateway women. She speaks at conferences, writes mind altering and life changing books and has been a minister for over 3 decades.

    Pastor Debbie also concerns herself with aiding women to unlock how to experience victory in their daily lives and to understand better, their relationship with God.


    Debbie Morris has authored two life-changing books. She has also co-authored a couple of books. Some of Debbie Morris’ books are;

    • The Blessed Woman: Debbie Morris in her book “The Blessed Woman”, invites you to learn from these women as well. As she shares her own stories and the stories of discerning women in the Bible, she addresses topics such as overcoming insecurity, finding purpose, establishing priorities, letting go, and waiting. The Blessed Woman reminds us how God longs for every woman to experience His tenderness—and to know the true meaning of being blessed.


    • Living Rightside Up:“Living RightSide Up”, is Debbie’s second book. In this book, Debbie Morris encourages each and every one of us to not ever think that it is too late for us. It is never too late to live the live that God destined for us. Though we may have strayed far away from it, we can always turn around to live the life God destined for us. Debbie Morris has also co-authored the following books:


    • Debbie co-authored with her husband the book, “The Blessed Marriage”. Together Debbie and pastor Robert Morris write about their marriage, letting us in on secrets that has kept them together for so long and has ultimately helped them to achieve a not only blissful but also blessed marriage. The couple in their book makes it known that one can have a marriage that can be described as heaven on earth.


    • Forgiving the Deadman: More than a riveting narrative, here is an incredible tale of courage, faith, and forgiveness. In a world where all of us struggle sooner or later with unforgiveness, Debbie Morris is a living testimony to the grace we long for: grace that shines more brightly than we dare believe, bright enough to triumph over the darkest evil.
    • Debbies cookbook: Recipes for Raising a Big Family


    Debbie Morris’ net worth is estimated to be between $100,000 and $1,000,000 from her ministry, books and conferences.


    Debbie Morris can be reached on the following handles:

    Instagram: @psdebbiemorris

    Twitter: @PsDebbieMorris

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