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    DAVID JEREMIAH SERMONS TRIUMPHANT OVER TROUBLEPastor David Jeremiah says, Whenever Christians face difficulty, we almost always turn to the psalms, here in the psalms, we find words to describe what we’re feeling, here we understand that we’re not alone in our trouble, here in the psalms, we find that there is hope in the midst of the storm, we read the psalms and we find our story is written before it ever occurred, I mean it’s no wonder the first book published by the puritans was the bay song book printed in 1640.

    It was not possible for them to print the whole bible, so they printed the psalms and asked why they printed that portion of the scripture instead of other portions, one author replied because there was no other collection that so encompasses the range of human experience and the wonder of God’s response to that experience.

    The puritans needed such arming not the hardship imposed on them in those early years, not the harshness of the elements the scarcity of provisions, the regular visitation of sickness and death, the attacks of enemies and betrayal of friends or the weakness of sinfulness in their own hearts and minds, none of this surprised them or left them defenceless because they had already read it all right there in the psalms and that’s why when we did this new book that I told you about, it’s the sheltering psalms and the psalms are what we turn to when we’re going through difficult times and just the reading of the psalms brings blessing without comment.

    When we go behind these psalms and we research the reason behind their having been written the blessing is doubled and we will never again be able to read the psalms, without remembering all that was going on to cause it to be written.

    Well such is the case with our psalm today, to understand it we must go back to a period in the history of Israel when things looked mighty black for the people of God it was the year 701 and sennacherib was king of Assyria, now sennacherib was an expansionist and was leading the dreaded Assyrian army through Syria into Israel and on south to Judah at the time of sennacherib’s rampage. Hezekiah was king over Judah he was assisted by the prophets Micah and Isaiah who taught him to trust God and do right and king Hezekiah led the people of Judah in a great revival, he reinstated the Passover, he reestablished the temple as the central place of worship and he called the people back to obedience to God.

    We read these words concerning Hezekiah, in the book of second kings here’s what it says, he did what was right in the sight of the lord, according to all that his father David had done. he trusted in the lord God of Israel so that after him, there was none like him among all the kings of Judah nor who were before him for he held fast to the lord.

    Source: David Jeremiah Youtube

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