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Dr. David Jeremiah Sermon : Overcoming the Overwhelming

    David Jeremiah Sermon Overcoming the Overwhelming :

    Watch Dr. David Jeremiah’s new sermon titled ”Overcoming the Overwhelming. Be rest assured that this is one of the messages by Dr. David Jeremiah that you cannot afford to miss.

    Speaking on this sermon, Dr. Jeremiah said, One of the things I’ve learned after all these years of studying the Bible is that God never gets tired of telling his children that he loves them. He never gets tired of sending them illustrations of his care and concern, and because we are his ambassadors we should never get tired of doing that, either.

    He further said that We live in a world which has been described by many as a time of overwhelming situations, overwhelming concern. It’s not a word that we used a lot until recently. A lot of people today are overwhelmed, overwhelmed with problems.

    According to the senior Pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church, Dr. David Jeremiah, Policymakers seem to be confused and at a loss. Watching the news is really a frustrating, confusing thing, and you can switch channels and get whatever you want. The doctrines that we hear coming from the center of our government are confusing to us.

    Commentators, TV personalities join in this chorus of overwhelming confusion, and most of us have to understand that our world is overwhelmed with problems right now. And it isn’t just our global world.

    It’s our personal world, isn’t it? We all know the troubles of the world have a way of seeping into our lives, even as Christians, and we get overwhelmed by these problems.

    Kindly listen and learn from this David Jeremiah message today and as you do, may God bless his words in your heart, give you the grace to overcome the overwhelming and grant you all your haert desires.

    Video credit : David Jeremiah Youtube

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