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Dr. David Jeremiah Sermon : In a World of War, BE CALM | Matthew 24:6-7

    Dr. David Jeremiah Sermon In a World of War BE CALM:

    Watch  Dr David Jeremiah seron titled ”in a world of war, remain calm” taken from the book of Mathew 24:6-7.

    Dr David Jeremiah has come through with this insightful sermon delivered on the September 30 2022 and it is a sermon you would really love to listen to.

    Speaking on this sermon, Dr David Jeremiah asked, As the nations of the world seem to be racing toward greater conflict, even annihilation, what should Christians be doing in response? Dr. David Jeremiah examines Jesus’ prophecy that His followers would hear of “wars and rumors of wars” in earth’s final days.

    Kindly listen to and learn from this educative sermon by David Jeremiah of Shadow Mountain Community Church and as you do so, may God bless his words in your heart and grant you all your heart desires.

    Stay tuned as we continuously update you with the latest and inspiring sermons, devotionals and messages frim famous pastors around the globe.

    Video credit : David Jeremiah Youtube

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