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Dr. David Jeremiah : Is There a Sin God Cannot Forgive?

    Dr. David Jeremiah Is There a Sin God Cannot Forgive? : The senior pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church and the founder of Turning Point Ministry and the husband of Donna Jeremiah, Dr David Jeremiah has come through with this educative sermon titled ” Is There a Sin God Cannot Forgive?”.

    This question has troubled many people throughout history. There is a simple answer to this complex question, and it is found in this message from David Jeremiah.

    In answering the question ”Is there a sin God cannot forgive”, Dr Jeremiah said, Jesus addressed this topic in Mark 3 : 20 -30. According to Jesus, there is only one thing a person can do for which there is no forgiveness either in this world or in the world to come: Blaspheming against the Holy Spirit.

    Read Dr. David Jeremiah article on this question :

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    Video credit : David Jeremiah Youtube


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