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Dr David Jeremiah Daily Devotionals May 7 2022 : The Difference: The Deaf and Mute Man

    David Jeremiah Daily Devotionals May 7 2022: 

    And they were astonished beyond measure, saying, “He has done all things well.”
    Mark 7:37

    Strange as it seems, Jesus made a difference on three occasions with his spittle. He used His saliva three times in healing the sick. The first was the deaf and mute man in Mark 7. Jesus took the man away from the crowds, spat, and touched the man’s tongue, healing him. In the next chapter, Jesus spat on a blind man’s eyes, restoring his sight. And in John 9, Jesus healed another man by spitting on the ground, making mud, and spreading it across the man’s eyes. When the man washed it off, he could see.

    Scholars have debated this subject for years. While a few sources say ancient writers like Pliny the Elder believed spittle had medicinal powers, the Jews seemed to view it with disgust. Yet Jesus even used the disgusting to accomplish His purposes. We can never understand all His methods, but we can all receive His blessings. He does all things well.

    If even His spittle has the power to make such a difference in people’s lives, what of His blood!

    You took me by the hand when I thought I could not stand…Christ, you made the difference in me.
    Patrick Love.

    Author : Dr. David Jeremiah

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