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David Jeremiah Unveils Daily Devotional – ‘Walking With Jesus’

    David Jeremiah Unveils Daily Devotional – ‘Walking With Jesus’: Dr. David Jeremiah who is currently the senior pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church and founder of Turning Point Radio and Television Ministries  has unveiled an amazing, life changing and inspiring new daily devotional titled ‘Walking With Jesus’

    The renowned Christian author and Preacher recently announced the release of the book on social media. The beautiful brand-new book is a leather-bound treasure trove that holds 366 daily devotional readings packed with uplifting scripture verses.

    “The Walking With Jesus daily devotional, new from David Jeremiah, is a beautiful, leather-bound collection of excellent biblical truths for every day of the year, plus Scripture to encourage you in your walk in 2024,” Jeremiah wrote in a Friday Instagram post.

    ‘Walking With Jesus’ additionally contains “Scripture references correlating to each devotional and insights from David Jeremiah. It is also packed with Beautiful, full-color images of nature Easy-to-read 12-point font, and Topical and practical insights for growing in your walk with God.”

    In the book teaser shared on December 3, Jeremiah assured readers of the significant spiritual impact of the book. He emphasized its comforting and strengthening powers.

    Highlighting on the book, Dr. David Jeremiah took to instagram to write :

    “Where is your heart today? Are you eagerly anticipating the dawn of a new year? Or do the days ahead seem ominous? Is there faith or fear? Joy or dread? Maybe it’s “all of the above” for you.”

    “This is why it is extremely important for you to walk every mile of your day with Jesus by your side. As you do, you are comforted and strengthened. More aware of His goodness. Cares are minimized in the light of His glory and grace.

    Dr. Jeremiah’s writing career spans over the years, with several books published. His books resonate with readers from diverse backgrounds. His works delve into themes of faith, personal growth, overcoming adversity, and finding purpose in life.
    In October he unveiled ‘Season Of Joy’, a beautifully crafted book poised to be a holiday staple, offering readers uplifting devotionals inspired by Christmas carols, biblical accounts of Jesus’ birth, and more.



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