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Dr. David Jeremiah daily devotional February 25 2022 : God of the Possible

    David Jeremiah daily devotional February 25 2022 : 

    The waters which came down from upstream stood still, and rose in a heap very far away at Adam, the city that is beside Zaretan. So the waters that went down into the Sea of the Arabah, the Salt Sea, failed, and were cut off; and the people crossed over opposite Jericho.
    Joshua 3:16

    When Moses led the Hebrew slaves out of Egypt, only one thing stood between them and freedom: the Red Sea. But God removed that barrier with the greatest miracle in Israel’s history—the parting of the Red Sea (Exodus 14). Then, when they were about to move into Canaan, the Promised Land, there was a similar barrier: the Jordan River.

    Israel had a choice to make that day. Would they remember the Red Sea miracle and trust God to give them safe passage through the barrier? Or would they succumb to their fears after forty years of dreaming about their homeland? God proved His faithfulness yet again by stopping the waters of the Jordan River so the people could cross over. They chose to believe.

    What is your “Red Sea” or “Jordan River”? Nothing is impossible for God (Luke 1:37). Trust the God of the possible to see you through no matter how deep or how wide the barrier.

    Faith makes things possible—it does not make them easy.

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