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Why Is It Important To Meet With Other Christians and Pray? David Jeremiah

    David Jeremiah answer to questions about prayer – The founder of Turning Point Ministry and the lead pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church, Dr. David Jeremiah has been on the campaiign of answering questions on prayer. Recently a queston about why it is important for Christians to meet with each other and pray was thrown to him. Below is his answer to it.

    Why Is It Important To Meet With Other Christians and Pray?

    “In Acts 2:42 we read that the Early Church ‘continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in prayers.’ When the believers in the Early Church met, prayer was an essential part of their time of fellowship.

    God does not conceive of saints being alone. We are not ‘lone rangers’ in this life. We are part of the Body of Christ. As such we come together in fellowship to share with one another, and one aspect of this fellowship includes praying together. As we pray with other believers, we open our hearts to one another.

    During these times of prayer, we learn how we can better love our fellow believers and help meet their needs. Whether we meet with a small group of fellow believers or pray with one partner, regular times of prayer with others believers will grow our prayer life and allow us to see how God answers the prayers of His people.”

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