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Biography Of Evangelist Daniel Chand (Walking Life/Jesus Ministries)

    There are numerous ministers of the word of God who has served in different ways. Many of these individuals have been influenced to ensure that the message of the good news reaches several places.

    Biography Of Evangelist Daniel Chand

    Evangelist Daniel Chand
    Daniel Chand
    Background Information
    Full Name: Daniel Chand
    Gender Male
    Born: 31 years old
    Place of Birth: Born in Bedford, England
    Nationality: British
    Spouse Tanya
    Net Worth $1.6 Million
    Occupation: Evangelist

    Evangelist Daniel Chand is a preacher and founder of the Walking Like Jesus ministry and is known worldwide. He was formerly a boxer before giving his life to Christ and mainly focused on preaching the word of God.


    Evangelist Daniel Chand is 31 years old.

    Early Life

    Evangelist Daniel Chand was born in 1991 in Bedford, United Kingdom. There’s not much information on his educational qualification with the schools he attended. But he is said to have been a boxer before actually receiving salvation.

    Evangelist Daniel Chand started boxing at a young age to become a professional boxer. Still, he had some issues, which included his constant battle with addictions, violence, and negativity, which made him on course for a jail term.

    It was through this challenging period that Evangelist Daniel had an encounter with God while fully converting to Christianity.

    Personal Life

    Evangelist Daniel Chand is married to Tanya Chand, and they have a daughter named Zarah Chand.

    Walking Like Jesus Ministries

    Walking Like Jesus Ministries is the church formed and superseded by Evangelist Daniel Chand. After his release from prison and conversion to Christianity, he enrolled and graduated from the Reinhard Bonnke School of Evangelism.

    It was after his graduation that he was entirely determined to get into ministerial works, and that birthed the “Walking Like Jesus” ministries.

    Evangelist Daniel Chand is a known preacher of the word of God with appearances in several churches and countries, including Austria, Germany, Poland, and Abu Dhabi, amongst others.

    The Walking Like Jesus Ministries remains one of the prominent voices within Europe regarding Evangelism and works with different Christian media, including TBN UK and GOD TV.

    Evangelist Daniel Chand Networth

    Evangelist Daniel Chand has an estimated net worth of between $1 million – $5 million.

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