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Cristina Baker : Everything you need to know about Cristina Baker

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    Cristina Baker is an American evangelist, renowned author and a public speaker. His greatest vision and passion is to see people encounter the love of God and find hope in his son, Jesus.

    Though there is scarce information about the background of Cristina Amanda Cabrera, it has been discovered that Cristina has a South American background. She was born in 1984.

    Growing up came with a very terrible experience for Cristina  and as if that was not enough, her teenage days was worse.

    She started using substances in her teenage years and had lost all hope in life.  At the age of 15, Cristina and her father were taken in by a family from a local church, after they had lost their home and were homeless. According to Cristina, the family loved God and they made sure she attended church, despite knowing that she was an atheist.

    Cristina Baker Husband

    Is Cristina Baker married?

    Who is Cristina Baker married to?

    Cristina is happily married to Ryan Baker. The duo got married on the 5th of March 2005, when Christina was just 21 years old.

    The marriage of Cristina and Ryan Baker is blessed with a son named Evan. Evan Baker will be turning 16 years old this year (2022). The family lives in Austin, Texas.

    Cristina Baker Journey To Faith

    Cristina is a practical example of an atheist turned a believer and not just a mere believer but also a devoted preacher of the gospel.

    Cristina was an atheist and had questioned the existence of God for most of her life. She lived a very traumatic life because of the Childhood abuse she had suffered. During her teenage years, she started doing all manner of substances. Cristina was trapped in the party scene and she lived a life of addiction.

    One day, a life changing event happened, Cristina was arrested for drug possession and she was sure that she was going to jail. She was arrested and was later arraigned on the count of drug possession.

    According to Cristina, she was however, led to Christ before her arraignment and that was when she knew she had to surrender it all to God. She had already made peace with herself that she will be going away for a while.

    However, there was a dramatic turnaround as she decided to open up to the DA, and tell him everything that had happened on the night of her arrest. Her lawyer was convinced that she was going to do some time. While Cristina had resigned to fate, her case was dismissed and her record was wiped clean by the judge.

    Even when Cristina had given her life to Christ, she still struggled with drug addiction for a while. However, she was eventually delivered from it and she has gone on to attend a bible school in Australia.

    Today, the once Atheist Cristina is a believer and she travels the world preaching the gospel of salvation and hope and love in God and his son, Jesus.

    Cristina Baker’s Testimony

    After Cristina had gotten married to her husband, Ryan, at the age of 21 she was diagnosed with Brain Tumor. According to the doctor’s diagnosis, the cancer was going to affect mostly her communication and her speech.

    Upon receiving the news she was devastated because she had just had a baby and she was scared of what would become of him. She prayed and asked God for a second chance.

    Cristina was treated at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Texas, one of the best cancer hospitals in the world. She had to undergo a major surgery to have the tumor removed. The surgery was successful and today, she is cancer/tumor free.

    It was also through the surgery that her parents gave their lives to Christ.

    Cristina Baker Books

    In addition to being a preacher, Cristina Baker is also an author. She currently has  a book to her credit: Hope in 60 Seconds: Encountering the God of the Impossible. 

    The book is for those who are weary and doubting and this is something that Cristina can relate to. In the book, ”Hope in 60 Seconds”, she shares the steps of her journey to encounter, receive, and walk in the hope of Jesus, and offers readers powerful wisdom for how they can take the same journey for themselves.

    Hope in 60 Seconds will help you to:

    • Be encouraged and empowered by someone who has been in a similar place of discouragement and discovered Christ’s authority and love,
    • Learn how Jesus establishes hope and begin to experience it first-hand in the darkest of circumstances,
    • Grow in your ability to connect with Jesus and find the hope you have longed for all of your life, and
    • Prove that a connection with Jesus is the ultimate source of hope.

    Cristina Baker Social  Media Contacts

    You can follow Cristina on the following social media where she is constantly preaching the message of love, hope and praying for salvation of souls.

    Tiktok: @cristina.baker

    Instagram: @itscristinabaker

    Facebook: @Cristina Baker

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