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Creflo Dollar Sunday Live Service August 7 2022

    Creflo Dollar Sunday Live Service August 7 2022: You are welcome to today’s Live Sunday service with Pastor Creflo Dollar at World Changers Church International. Be rest assured that this is a special Sunday service that will guarantee you a special encounter with God.

    Kindly stream and join World Changers Church international Sunday live service August 7 2022.

    Inviting everyone to this Sunday service, Creflo Dollar took to Instagram to write:

    “There is no truth except that comes from grace. There is no grace except that comes out of Jesus. Truth is inseparably related to grace. World Changers, we’ve dealt with them as if they are two separate entities, but truly you haven’t heard one if you haven’t heard the other!
    Tune in this morning for Sunday service at 10AM EST. Restreams of the service will be available to watch at 2PM, 6PM, AND 10PM EST.”

    Join today’s Sunday special Live service with Creflo Dollar and as you do, may God bless his words in your heart and grant all your heart desires.

    Video Credit: Creflo Dollar YouTube

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