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    CREFLO DOLLAR SERMONS THE POWER OF GOD’S MERCYPastor creflo Dollar talks about the power of mercy, it is going to be so important in our lives, in the midst of all the kinds of stuff going on out there, you can’t even keep up with it, the power of mercy.

    The more you begin to understand God and the more you begin to understand his attributes, the more you begin to really allow those things to impact your relationship with him and a lot of things in our life will begin to happen because the intimacy that we develop with him and the relationship and the knowing that we have it becomes so very important.

    We really need to spend some time praying we really need to have a prayer life; we need to read the bible we really need to spend some time with it.

    In psalms 145 and verses eight and nine it says the lord is gracious and he’s full of compassion, he’s slow to anger and he is of great mercy, the lord is good to all.

    Now that’s the mercy of God he’s good to all, not just to people who think they deserve it, God’s good not because we’re good, God’s good because he’s good

    Some of us are busy trying to earn all of the attributes of God, some are trying to earn his love, trying to earn his blessings and what we’re talking about is just who God is and once you begin to understand who he is then you get out of the position of trying to earn something and then you just learn, you get in a position of just receiving, you get in position to receive it, you see the lord is good to all and his tender mercies are over all his works.

    The power of God’s mercy is so much so that we do not go to hell for sinning, we do so because we refuse to accept his son Jesus who he gave us to die on the cross, just because of his love and mercy.


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