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Sermons online – Best Creflo Dollar Sermons 2021

    TOP 10 CREFLO DOLLAR SERMONS 2021: Enjoy the best Sermon online of Creflo Dollar 2021  


    If you are born again and have made Jesus the lord of your life, you are heaven bound, if you are born again you have already been judged. We are not citizens of this earth,  we are citizens of heaven. It is time for us to renew our mind in the great hope of the return of Jesus Christ.

    The grace of God will teach you how to live right so that you can be prepared for the return of the lord. Jesus will come again not to deal with our sins but to bring salvation to all who are eagerly waiting for him.  Most Christians are not looking forward to the return of Jesus because of fear, they are afraid for a lot of reasons, some think they are not ready while some are afraid of their past wrong doings.

    The way to be saved is to accept God’s forgiveness and make Jesus the lord of your life, and accept his sacrifice i.e his death on the cross. You cannot be perfect until the lord changes you. The coming of Christ for every Christian should be an exciting thought, not a fearful one because we have been saved. Jesus is coming sooner than we think.

    The bible says no one knows the day nor hour the son of man is coming not even the son of God only God but there are signs of Jesus’s second coming, they include; many shall come in the name if the lord saying, I am Christ and shall deceive many, rumors of wars shall be spread, he said we shouldn’t be troubled, nations shall rise against nations and ethnic group against ethnic groups, pestilence and many more.

    Jesus loves us so much and that’s probably why he has not come, he wants as many people as possible to get it right so that we can make it to heaven, he is giving us chances, but there will come a time when the earth can’t stand and more sin.  How ever we must let the peace of God rule in our hearts.  Jesus will certainly come, as it has been stated in the bible, we should not be afraid for as long as we are born again we have been saved.


    Bible verses for this preaching

    Hebrews 9 vs. 28

    Psalms 34 vs. 4-5

    John 14 vs. 2-3

    Luke 21 vs. 29-31

    Matthew 24 vs. 3



    Every believer should be able to not only hear from God but should also be directed by God. There are a lot of accomplishments we would have had if we could hear from God, there are some traps we would have avoided if we could hear from God, now the problem is not that God is not speaking, the problem is that we are not picking  up what God is saying.  Our spirit is sealed with the Holy Ghost. God provides guidance for us through our spirit. The Holy Ghost instructs our spirits, that which the our spirit and the Holy Ghost agrees upon comes to our conscious and then our conscious mind is the voice of our spirit.

    In john chapter 10, God referred to us as his sheep, he told us to hear his voice, so if you are born again, you are Gods sheep. There are some ways and some safe guards to know that you have heard from God and not yourself or other spirits or the enemies’ voices, these safe guards protect us from other voices, They include;

    1) When God speaks, it will go against reasons and rationalizations of the world.

    2) When god speaks it lines up with the written word of God. That means that God will not tell us anything that will be the opposite of what he has allowed to be written in the Bible.

    3) When God speaks, it requires faith.

    4) When God speaks, it will require courage, we have to ask ourselves if we have enough courage to put ourselves in the position to hear what he says

    5) When God speaks, there will be peace,  peace will rule as An umpire in your heart,  if you hear something and it brings confusion and fear,  it most likely didn’t come from God l,  weird stuffs might go on in our heads but there must be peace in our hearts,  you might have doubt in your head and faith in your heart.    God not only speaks to us, he can speak to us in specific details just like he did with Noah. Its important to hear from God because he is going to say some words that will rescue you and take care of your life.


    Bible verses for this preaching

    Proverbs chapter 20 vs. 27

    John 10 vs. 27

    Genesis 2 vs. 16-17

    Genesis 6 vs. 12-16



    People do a lot of crazy stuffs because they are hurting, some become violent and others become depressed,  there are a lot of behaviors that come along side being hurt. When one is hurt their spirit could get crushed.  The potential to be hurt is all around us, being hurt is one of the most difficult things people deal with. Hurt feelings rob us of Gods blessings.

    We have to deal with hurt or we cannot successfully move on with our lives. When we look at things, it will always  be from the perspective of hurt, hurt will make us bitter,  it will prevent us from going forward. We must learn to stop finding our point of reference in our past. Old things shall pass away and the fresh and the new shall come. We must dismiss what people have done to us. We have to get to a point in our life where we can never hurt again

    So how do we deal with them?

    1) By taking up the shield of faith, which will help us quench the fiery darts of the wicked ones.  Your shield of faith could be “I won’t be hurt” the shield is what God say about us, whenever we listen to what other people say about us, we are putting down the shield of faith, if you put more value on what other people say about you over what God says about you, you have put down your shield of faith.  That’s why its important to read Gods words and go to a church where the word is preached, that’s how you know What God has said about you.

    1. Don’t wait for an inspirational moment to give inspirational forgiveness. Forgive a person who has hurt you, as a sign of faith, we should set our will to forgive, forgive people who hurt you not because you feel like it, forgive them because you made a decision to forgive. (Forgiveness is a decision not a feeling). You can forgive people without them making any move to change or apologize. So that you can get your freedom, it is called for-GIVE and not for-SOLD because we are expected to give it freely.


    Bible verses for today’s Preaching

    Proverbs 18 vs.14

    Proverbs 12 vs. 18

    2nd Corinthians 5 vs. 17

    Ephesians 6 vs.16



    There is a crisis of character among us and as Christians we have to mature in character, a lot of people question why they haven’t been promoted in certain areas of life and why they haven’t made any progress yet, it is a character issue.  It has been said that you will never go pass the character that you have.

    There are people who have been known to ignore their character issue but never seem to grow past that character.  we can’t be successful people if we don’t deal with our character issues, we cannot be a successful nation if we do not deal with our character issues.  If we want to be great and reach those benchmarks we want for our lives, we have to pay attention to the issue of character.

    Character is what defines you, it defines an administration, it defines a nation,  it defines our businesses,  character  is simply doing what is right,  doing it right because it is right,  its not doing stuffs because  you want people to agree with you,  character  is what people have come to understand and believe about you.  What you do when no one is looking is character.

    As the excellence of gold is its beauty, the excellence of man is his character. A person’s character is the sum of his disposition, thoughts, intentions, desires and a sum of their actions. The people we choose to hang around will determine the person we will become. The bible says bad company corrupts good Character.  Hence we should be prayerful about the company and people we hang around.

    The devil knows that we can’t grow Past our character, if he gets you stuck at a certain place and get you in a place of compromise, you will remain there year after year after year  until you are ready to move and develop the issue of Godly character.

    Pretending to have a good character in front of people and then doing really wrong things in private is wrong and a waste of time because God sees our heart.  Everything is pure to those whose hearts are pure, those who have terrible characters deny God with there character.  A character is something you hold fast to on the inside, which people see on the outside.  Cultivating Godly character qualities is the Christian goal. It will help us to achieve a lot.

    Bible verses for this preaching

    1st Corinthians 14 vs. 33

    Titus 1 vs. 15-16



    `   The cross is the defining line of the gospel; it is the defining line between the new and Old Testament. The New Testament begins after the death of Christ.

    Why did Jesus die?  Jesus died to institute a new covenant and testament that is better than the Old Testament.  Jesus death will mean nothing if we Christians still operate in the Old Testament when there is a new one.

    Jesus shed his blood to give us a better covenant with better promises and we do not know these better promises because we are stuck with the first covenant (the old testament).

    Before the cross and death of Jesus, under the law, God held man responsible for his sins.  After the cross, we were brought closer to God, before the cross we could not even touch the mountain where God dwelled because it would have led to death, Jesus was the peace offering that brought us closer to God. The Old Testament helped us see our need for Jesus and a better covenant.

    The bible has asked us to come boldly on to the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy and find grace. Christ has delivered us from the curse of the law which we were get for not being obedient to the commandment in the new agreement, we are blessed because of our faith in Christ, after the cross we are blessed not because of our acts but because we are his redeemed.

    In the New Testament God says I will not input your sins against you, Jesus died so we can have this new covenant and the promises that accompany it.


    Bible verses for this preaching

    2nd Timothy chapter 2 vs. 15

    Hebrews 8 vs. 12

    Hebrews 9

    Hebrews 4 vs. 16

    Leviticus 5 vs. 17

    Ephesians 2

    Galatians 3 vs. 13

    James 2 vs. 10



    If you change the way you think, you change the way you live. Your living is the sum total of what you think about, You have to change your thinking such that it is in line with the one who created you.  God created you and if anyone should know how you should think to produce the live you want it is he. Are you frustrated about life?  Does everything seem to be going wrong, its simple,  the key is in your mind,  your mind is like the battle field for your life,  what your life will be like, is determined in the battlefield if your mind.

    Satan is after your soul and is competing to see who will take control over your mind, the truth of God’s words and the lie of the world are always in constant battle in our minds, Satan wants control over your mind because if you can control the mind of an individual you can control the live. The true weapon of Satan is suggestion,  he suggests thoughts. The devils suggestions become real if we are not living in the word of God.

    There is a war going on at every point in time of our lives,  a battle over our soul. Even as a born again Christians with a renewed spirit, if the soul is not renewed with the word of God and the word of grace, then you can still end up doing things of your body and blaming it on other things.

    The right way of thinking is according to the words of grace and the creator. Not believing in the existence of the devil is the easiest way for the devil to take over Ones mind, God says he has come so that we may have life to the full, whereas Satan is a thief that has come to kill steal and destroy us, there is a constant spiritual war, the constant battle for our soul is going to be won with the strength of the lord.

    We fight against demonic powers everyday in one way or another, the job of this demons are to distract us from Jesus,  be strong  in the lord and be empowered through your union  with God,  always draw your strength  from him,  its not easy to think positively  in the face of terrible situations,  but when you are empowered in God it will make everything seem less difficult,  cast all your problems on the lord, think according to the words of the scriptures and we will win the battle of the mind forever.


    Bible verses for this preaching

    John 10:10

    Ephesians 6: 10-12

    2nd Corinthians 12:9.




    Christianity is sometimes called the great confession, many Christians who are defeated in life are defeated because they believe and confess the wrong things.  Faith filled words will put you over in life while dear filled words will defeat you.

    Words are the most powerful things in the universe. Man is a spirit with a soul who lives in a body, and because we are spirit beings, we are capable of operating on the same level of faith as that God operates on.  We have downgraded who we are because of our exposure to the world.  If we can believe, then all things are made possible to him that believe. Believing is not all; you have to believe it enough to speak it out loud. We are to believe with our heart and say it out with our mouth.  This is a spiritual law, which works when applied correctly. Just like in the creation story, God spoke the world into being, it was written that “God said” and everything came to be.

    Faith is released in words. What you believe in, both negative and positive will be released in words. God’s kind of faith is believing with your heart and saying with your mouth, we are encouraged to have God’s kind of faith.  We are encouraged to imitate God.  Jesus spoke to the wind, the seas, a fig tree, demons and even dead men and all were obedient to what he said. Because he had a faith like God’s own, God said what ever we bind on

    Earth shall be bind in heaven and whatever we set free is free indeed, hence if we proclaim healing on ourselves it is done, when we say things in faith it is established in heaven.  When we speak his words we should know it is settled in heaven, it is our duty to settle it here on earth.  Spoken words of faith program your spirit.


    Bible verses for this teaching

    Proverbs 6 vs. 1-2

    Mark 9 vs. 23

    Matthew 17 vs. 20

    Mark 11 vs. 23

    Ephesians 5 vs. 1

    Matthew 16vs 19

    Psalms 119:89



    There are demonic spirits that work through people, who try to kill steal and destroy our lives, they oppress us and try to get us to feel depressed, guilty and all of such feelings, we have to understand the battle to be able to take the victory that has already been given to us by God.

    In the book of romans, God shows us how we can overcome them and win the warfare, it said we should present our bodies as living sacrifice, i.e dedication, the lord wants all part of body, our soul, spirit and us. He says we should not be conformed to the world, we shouldn’t start thinking like the world and acting like them, though we spend a lot of time here on earth.

    The bible gives us an option asides conforming to the world, he said we should be transformed by the renewing of our mind. As human beings, the best thing we can do is get born again and after being born again it is important that we renew our mind, because if we do not renew our minds, we will remain conformed to the world, renewing the mind is not a one time event, it is a life time process, renewing the mind is exchanging the worlds way of thinking for the lords words opinion. It is taking your thinking and putting it on top of the word of God and if your thinking does not line up with the word then you don’t try to change Gods words, you allow the words of God to change your thinking.

    The devil is going to come up with a lot of lies like the Bible is not real or the bible was written by men or its not real, they would come up with anything to make you not to renew your mind, because they know its the most important thing a Christian should do.

    A flesh-based life is so difficult and stressful, hence it will be impossible to be truly happy, be fearless and put your faith in God, therefore, the only way to get victory in this war is by renewing our mind.


    Bible verse for this preaching

    Romans 12 vs. 1-3




    What about idolatry caused Paul’s heart to be troubled? The lord asked us to flee from idolatry in the bible.  An idol is anything or anyone that may take Gods place in your heart. It is replacing God as priority in your life with anything else.

    There is nothing greater than God, so how can we put something else in place of God?  How can we make something else greater? The bible in Colossians states that idolatry is covetousness. The bible said we should serve no other God, for the lord whose other name is jealous, is jealous about his relationship with us. He has asked us not mingle with people who have replaced him with other gods. We who are born again, that marry people who are not born again, wonder why it’s not working. The church has allowed a lot of idolatry to infiltrate its thinking, from social media,  the internet,  television  etc.

    Nowadays when people wake up, the first thing they do is grab their phones,  that an example of modern day idolatry. The idols have no breath or powers, so when you replace  God,  you replace him with a lie. Its a lie to think you can replace God, because on the day of reckoning all idols will be destroyed.  The God of Israel is the one true God and the creator of everything.

    When you look at your life, has money replaced God?  Does money motivate you to do God’s work more than God himself does?  Then money is an Idol in your life. You will perish without God, you will loose without God and we will be destroyed without God. Life is miserable without God when we pretend that everything is okay, when the church’s main purpose is to preserve its image ahead of God, that’s idolatry, every time something good happens we have to acknowledge that it is the work of God, we must not diminish our call to serve God for the sake of our image.

    One-day people are going to look at you and wish they had your God, so keep putting him first. Our identity when we put it first becomes an idol.  A matured Christian is one who reaches for Christ when hell breaks loose in their lives. Money, entertainment, commercialism, sex, and comfort are all modern day idolatry when then they are placed above God, we should do our best to draw the line.  Put God first and not get consumed by idols.


    Bible verses for this preaching

    1st Corinthians 10 vs. 14

    1st john 5 vs. 21

    Colossians 3 vs. 5

    Exodus 34 vs. 16

    Jeremiah 51 vs. 17-19

    Deuteronomy 8 vs. 19


    Godly Character – CREFLO DOLLAR

    Just as we know, we would never grow beyond the character we posses, our character will determine our destiny and our outcome. Character is shown in how we deal with things both when people are looking and when they are not.

    Character in the life of a believer is the constant manifestation of Jesus in our lives; our Christian character can be summed up by the fruit of the spirit. The fruit of the spirit is the character of a Christian. The word fruit is used to understand the product of the holy spirit that lives on the inside of us, this Godly character is not going to be something that we manufacture by ourselves or by our own effort,  it is a product of the holy spirit,  the fruit of the spirit  is produced by the spirit  and not by the Christian.

    Since it’s not our duty to produce this Godly character, since it’s the fruit of the Holy Spirit, it’s our duty to cooperate and put ourselves in a position where the holy spirit can produce his fruit in our life.  As we mature and as we grow, as Christians, all the characteristics of Christ will be manifested in our life.

    Spiritual maturity and growth is defined by when we start trusting in God and his finished work, its when we start trusting in God more than ourselves its not defined by how long you have been a Christian. When a Christian is under the law (Old testament), he is but a child, even though you are an heir to his promises. Under the law, its all about Self preservation, its about trusting yourself more than you trust in God, to grow and to mature as a Christian is to grow away from self preservation, self dependence towards God’s dependence.

    We should move into our trust and confidence for God, when we do so, we can see manifestation of Christ in our lives. The fruit of the spirit just like a physical fruit needs time to grow. It takes time to go from trusting yourself to trusting God, to grow from self-dependence to depending on God.  We must also learn to get rid of the weeds in our lives, just like we do in the physical, to enable our Godly character remain strong, the weeds in our lives are our old sinful nature. We should trust in the way of God and know that it is our duty to put ourselves in a position for the Holy Spirit to groom his fruit in us.

    Bible verse for this preaching

    Galatians chapter 5 vs. 22-23.



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