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    CREFLO DOLLAR SERMON YOU ARE NOT ENOUGH BUT JESUS IS : Pastor Creflo Dollar said, Belief will produce action but action without faith will kill you, you remember the saying, faith without works is dead but works without faith will kill you, so you go out and drive a car, you know you can’t see without your glasses, so you’re going to take your glasses off and go out and drive the car you can have a wreck and kill everybody in the car because you don’t really believe that people don’t do what they don’t believe but what we have to understand is real authentic belief, what is it that authenticates belief how do I know that I really believe something?


    Your belief will give birth to what you’re supposed to do, come on now while I’m believing, I want to focus on Jesus, I’m going to confess the word, I’m going to pray, I’m going to believe God, I’m going to focus on labouring to enter into that rest, I’m not talking about sitting back chilling out, I’m not talking about inactivity, I’m talking about resting in my work, here’s what Jesus said in john 6:29 the new living translation, he says the only work i want you to do is to believe in the one that I sent.


    Everybody’s looking for work he says here’s the only work i want you to do, believe in the one that I have sent now, if we’ll do that the holy spirit’s working in us now the holy spirit now begins to lead and guide and directs us and show us and all we forget about the holy spirit.


    He’s the one that’s accepted the responsibility for changing us into the image of Jesus, I think that we’re going to have to come to the place of realising this truth and that is I’m not enough, I’m never going to be enough but Jesus is beautiful.


    I think the day that we recognise that because we are not enough, that we need a saviour, that we need Jesus and him, it’s through him, he is our wisdom, he is our righteousness, he is our holiness and our sanctification. Let’s stop trying to be like God without him, let’s humbly go before God and establish this truth.


    I need you, I trust you, I’m tired of trying to live my life based on what I know and based on my efforts, I now want to live my life through you something, Jesus has something that Mohammed doesn’t have That Buddha doesn’t have, Jesus is our savioUr why because he stepped in to do everything that we could not do and kept all 613 of those commandments and he said, you couldn’t do it but I did so here I am, I now I’m your offering take me take my yoke upon you learn to rest tonight


    Pastor Creflo Dollar said, we offer you Jesus thank you lord accept him, roll your worries away, roll your cares away and allow him to finally be enough, not Jesus plus five hours of prayer, not Jesus plus 10 days of fasting but Jesus by himself, he is enough he is enough.


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