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    CREFLO DOLLAR SERMON INSIDE SANCTIFICATIONPastor Creflo Dollar teaches us from the book of first Corinthians chapter one verse to thirty through thirty-one, it’s going to deal with your sanctification and how it has moved on the inside of you, it is important for you to realize how important it is for you to accept by faith, who Jesus has made you, that’s a key deal Satan’s strategy is to attack your new identity.

    On a daily hourly sometimes minute or second, to try to get you to not accept it, to try to get you to question it and you’ve got to get in the habit of in the morning and say, I am pure, I am holy, I am righteous, I am sanctified, God has found no fault in me and as you begin to declare those things, when the attack comes you are already ahead of the game and you’ve already accepted what Jesus has already done. Other than that anytime you make an error or miss the mark somewhere in your life, he’s always going to attempt to try to get you to back off of what Jesus wants you to receive by faith.

    I am righteous, I am redeemed, I have wisdom, I am pure, and I am holy, these are words we must always say to ourselves, we really need to deal with this area especially in the area of holiness and sanctification. so you can realize that we’re not talking about something working itself in you, we’re talking about it is totally completely done, the day you believe it’s not working, it’s in you, it’s more or less working the fruit out of you, it’s working what you already have out of you into fruit form.

    So the bible explains that just like Jesus has become our righteousness, he has also become our sanctification first Corinthians chapter 1 verse 30 and 31 and we’ll begin here tonight, he says but of him are you in Christ Jesus, who of God is made unto us wisdom, so Jesus has been made unto us and for us he has been made unto us wisdom, he has been made unto righteousness, he has made us sanctification or holiness he has made unto us redemption.

    These things are so important for you to understand that it’s not by any performance of your own, I am not here tonight preaching the gospel of performance, Pastor Creflo Dollar says I’m here tonight preaching the gospel of grace and so your sanctification is a person according to what we just read your sanctification is a person, your righteousness is a person, your wisdom is a person, your redemption is a person and his name is Jesus.

    Jesus is your sanctification, Jesus is your holiness and you’ve received him then you’ve received everything that he has been made. So the moment we are born again we are made righteous, the moment we are born again we are made holy, it is an instant miracle.



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