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    PASTOR CREFLO DOLLAR SERMON DO NOT FRUSTRATE THE GRACE OF GOD : Pastor Creflo Dollar talks to us on While you are alive let’s just do what David did, let’s believe that we will receive and see the goodness of the lord in the land of the living so we thank God, that we’re going to see the goodness of the lord in the land of the living we’re not going to be moved by what we see, we’re not going to be moved by what we hear, we’re not going to be moved by the reports of the doctor, the reports of the economist, which is we’re just it’s come at times.


    We just got to focus on God and not focus on all of the chatter that’s going on in the world.  You have to be careful about chatter because what it does is just fills your heart with clutter and when you get your heart filled with clutter, all of the trash of the world, you know there’s a lot of pollution that comes in through our ears and if we allow the pollution to continue to enter into our ears, it won’t be long before it overflows into our mouth.


    When pollution goes through our ears, pollution comes out of our mouth and then we have successfully released words that will create that same pollution in our life and so a lot of times, people are living a life surrounded by pollution because we just open ourselves up to all of that kind of stuff.


    Jesus says I came that you might have life more abundantly, he says the thief comes to kill, steal and destroy and so we bind that spirit that comes to kill steal and destroy. Then we just ask that God will do some miraculous things in your life


    People that’s around you, that want to kill, steal and destroy in your life, they want to slander you, they want to betray you, they want to hurt you, we bind those demonic spirits that try to operate against you in the name of Jesus and we tell them to cease in their manoeuvres against you.


    Some of you just dealing with just wicked evil people, some of you might be in a court case dealing with some evil person, some of you might have just wicked people that are your bosses and leaders on your job and some of them just might meet wicked people just going to try to get your car fixed or something like that.


    Pastor Creflo Dollar wants us to know that we have authority over those demonic spirits that operate through people and we just ought to just take authority over it right now and say in the name of Jesus those demonic spirits that are operating through this person against me, i bind you in the name of Jesus, I command you to cease in your manoeuvres against me and you can pray that for other people, you can intercede that on somebody else’s behalf and so we walk in our authority but don’t let the pollution that’s in the world enter into our world.

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