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How to Live in the Supernatural (Episode 2) : Pastor Creflo Dollar

    Creflo Dollar Message How to Live in the Supernatural  : The co-founder of Creflo Dollar Ministries and World Changers Church International and the husband of Taffi Dollar, Pastor Creflo Dollar has come through with this inspiring sermon and message titled  “How to Live in the Supernatural” released on the March 8 2022.

    Be rest assured that this is a message that will strengthen your belief in God and provide you with knowledge of the joys and benefits of believing in God. The senior Pastor and founder of World Changers Church International and a good Bible Teacher has transformed the lives of many Americans through his teachings and way of life.

    In this message, he said there is a heaven and there is a hell. There are demons, there are angels, there is a God and there is a Satan. He said we will all see the conclusion of this matter and we are not going to lose. The bible says He’s coming back for a victorious glorious Church.

    He spoke from second Corinthians chapter 4 and verse 18 saying we abide and live and exist in the physical realm. Everything in this realm is physical and we have a physical body so we can comprehend physical things but at the same time this physical realm is running concurrently with a spiritual world that is in operation at the exact same time.

    The pastor said you have to be careful not to think that the only things that are real are the things that you can see.

    Watch and learn from this message by Pastor Creflo Dollar: “How to Live in the Supernatural – Episode 2” as we bring the latest messages from pastors around the globe to you.

    Credit: Creflo Dollar Ministries YouTube

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