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Pastor Craig Groeschel of Life.Church: Net Worth and salary

    Key Facts about Pastor Craig Groeschel Net worth and salary

    1. Craig Groeschel date of  birth and place of birth: Born on the 2nd December 1967 in Houston Texas, but grew up in Oklahoma.
    2. Craig Groeschel wife : Amy Groeschel
    3. Craig Groeschel – He has 6 children
    4. Craig Groeschel Net worth : 5 million Dollars (As of 2022)
    5. Craig Groeschel salary : $207,443

    Craig Groeschel Salary

    Craig Groeschel is the senior pastor of Life.Church, creator of the Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast, and a best selling author. He is the founder and senior pastor of Life.Church, an American evangelical multi-site church with locations in 10 U.S. states. As the Senior Pastor of Life.Church, Craig provides teaching, leadership, and guidance for the church as a whole.

    Information regarding Groeschel’s salary is not yet made available . However it should be noted that he is the founder of the and obviously earns from the church. He also earns from the sales of his books.

    Pastor Craig Groeschel bio

    Craig Groeschel Net Worth

    The estimated net worth of Craig Groeschel is around $5 million as of January 2022., has it that  Groeschel owns over 7,059 units of Gulfport stock worth over $108,495 and is worth an estimated $388 thousand. Craig earns from his church, sale of his books and other numerous means

    Craig Groeschel House

    No much information about Craig Groeschel house . However, in his facebook page, Craig shared that their first house had lots of problems. They did not have money to fix any of them. When they put the house up for sale, they told the realtor that one of the outlets didn’t work. They would run an orange electrical cord to the kitchen just so they could watch TV. The realtor found a light switch and asked what it did. They said they had never figured it out. to their surprise, it turned on the electrical outlet! All that time the power was available to them, and they just didn’t tap into it.

    Biography of pastor Craig Groeschel

     Pastor Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast : The senior pastor of Life. Church in the person of Pastor Craig Groeschel is a man of great erudition. Pastor Craig Groeschel is an author and a renowned speaker.

    Pastor Craig Groeschel is the general overseer of Life. church.  Life church has been described as a church with myriads of campuses, with about an estimated number of 80-weekely worship events in thirteen different areas.

    On the early life of Pastor Craig Groeschel of Life Church, he was born in Houston, Texas, while he grew up in Southern Oklahoma. Pastor Craig Groeschel attended Ardmore High School and after later proceeded for his degree on a tennis scholarship at Oklahoma City University, where he obtained his bachelor degree in Marketing. Lambda Chi Alpha was the fraternity of Pastor Craig Groeschel, of which he is an ardent member while he was the Oklahoma City University.

    Pastor Craig Groeschel, married his amiable wife Amy Groeschel in 1991 and which their union is blessed with six children and Pastor Craig Groeschel resides in Edmond, Oklahoma with his family.

    It is pertinent to reiterate that Pastor Craig Groeschel, has six children with the union of his wife Amy Groschel and the names of the children are Catie, Joy, Stephen, Sam and Anna. Pastor Craig Groeschel, is a grand-father as her daughter in the person of Catie, married Mandy and they gave brith to Pastor Criag Groeschel first Grandchild, Cole.

    Pastor Craig Groeschel’s wife, Amy was actively involved in the birth of Life Church. Amy Groeschel is also a participant in the, which is basically a women ministry. The Life Church. Tv  is a platform for educating mothers. Also Amy Groeschel following the footsteps of the husband Pastor Craig Groeschel, established Branch 15, a housing ministry that is not for profit purposes. Branch 15 is to basically aid women. Amy Groeschel being so endeared to women, is part of the authors of SOAR, a bible study that is primarily for women.

    However, Pastor Craig Groeschel, after the blessed union with his wife, moved in to serve in the Lord’s vine yard, at the United Methodist Church as an associate pastor.

    It is pertinent to mention, that Pastor Craig Groeschel, obtained his master of divinity degree from Philips Theological Seminary and Christian Church, Disciples of Church, is an affiliate of Philips Theological Seminary.

    Pastor Craig Groeschel, as at the Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995, was the associate pastor of First United Methodist Church

    Pastor Craig Groeschel, began his ministry, that is the Life Church in the year 1996 and Life Church started at Edmond Oklahoma.

    Furthermore, Pastor Craig Groeschel started the Life Church in a very small way, in the sense that the Life Church, which started as Life Covenant Church, began in a two-garage park. In an interview with Business Week, he intimated them that he began the process of opening of Life Church by doing a market survey of those that doesn’t go to church and which he structured his church on the premise of what he learnt in the survey.

    The style of Pastor Craig Groeschel is quite different from the traditional style in the ministry and the style he used endeared a mammoth congregation to his church and which made prompted the church tremendous growth. The style of Pastor Craig Groeschel in his church made the Life Church to be acknowledged in 2019 as the biggest Protestant Church in the United States of America as at 2019 and have thirty-two campuses.

    In 2001, when the fourth child of Pastor Craig Groeschel was born, because of his absence for Sunday services, he used preached through Video and understood that with time, that most of his congregants prefer the Sunday sermon preached through video by Pastor Craig Groeschel.

    Flowing from the above, in the year 2006, Pastor Craig Groeschel developed a website, for people to do their confessions without been seen.  In 2007, precisely Easter Sunday, Pastor Craig Groeschel started ministering to the Second Lifer Virtual World.

    Notably, in 2007 and 2008, the American Magazine known as Outreach Magazine opined that Life Church is the ‘Most Innovative Church’.

    There are myriads of innovation in the precincts of Life Church and these innovations ranges from artwork, videos, transcripts, free resource library with sermons and a software development team.

    It is apropos to mention, that some of these software development applications are Youversion, which is a Bible App, Churchonline etc. The Youversion Bible Application has shown that downloads have been done over two hundred million times, as at 2015, December and as of May, 2020, it has reached 425 million downloads.

    In the humanitarian nature of and in a bid to enhance the work of God a Pastor Craig Groeschel made his Church website and software to be free and non-profiting. The ultimate source of income of Pastor Criag Groeschel is his vital earnings from Gulf Energy Production, on their production and exploration Company. Also, the books that he writes, equally contributes to his net worth.

    Pastor Craig Groeschel innovations in the Life Church has prompted Newsmax to rank Life Church as one of the top fifty mega churches of United States of America and with estimated number of Hundred Thousand People attending the services of Life Church weekly.

    Pastor Craig Groeschel a renowned author has written plethora of books such as Going all the Way, Confessions of a Pastor, Chazown, How Churches and Leaders can get it and keep it, believing in God, but living as if he doesn’t exist.

    Nevertheless, the networth of Pastor Criag Groeschel as at September  202, is at $5 million.

    The Zodiac Symbol of Pastor Criag Groeschel is stated to be Saggittarian

    Pastor Criag Groeschel, being a famous person and a reputable minister of God that works in the Lord’s Vine yard and endear souls to Christ, on his Social media platform, such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. On Twitter he has more than 661k followers, on Instagram, he has close to 298K followers.

    On  9th January, 2017, he created his Youtube channel that is known as Life Church.

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