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Dr. Cindy Trimm: Opportunity Assessment

    Cindy Trimm Opportunity Assessment : Dr. Cindy Trimm has come through with this life changing and inspirational message titled “Opportunity Assessment” . In this message, Dr. Cindy teaches what to do with an opportunity. According to her, the plans of God may lead you into terrains of great risk, but this is where you will find great reward in trusting God with the outcome. Cindy reveals that opportunities which create a level of risk are the very ones that push you into realms of greatness and it is from this realm you want to live, where history is made.

    The Bible Teacher urged you to move from living an average life of unrealized potential to an extraordinary life of uncommon power and greatness.

    Watch, meditate and learn from this message by Dr. Cindy Trimm: “Opportunity Assessment”  and keep tuned with us as we bring the latest messages from Pastors around the globe to you.

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