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How Gratitude Can Change Your Life – Chrystal Evans Hurst

    Chrystal Evans Hurst Sermon How Gratitude Can Change Your Life – Here is another wonderful and inspiring episode of Chrystal Evans Hurst Podcast designed to for your spiritual guide and assurance.

    Kindly watch Chrystal Evans Hurst sermon on gratitude and understand the fundamental importance and principles of Thanksgiving.

    In this episode of Chrystal Evans Hurst Podcast, the daughter of Tony Evans, Chrystal Evans Hurst said, So, it’s the season of Thanksgiving y’all. A time where we not only stuff the turkey, but we gather ‘round the table with family and friends and stuff ourselves.

    Just when you think you can’t take one more bite, you find some wiggle room to accommodate those delectable morsels of sweetness. I mean, it is, after all the holidays, right? But can we talk just a few minutes today about finding some wiggle room this holiday season for something else?

    Something that will do more than just fill our stomachs – it will abundantly fill our lives. Something the very name of the season calls us all to. That is, gratitude. Gratefulness. Thanksgiving.

    Kindly watch/listen, meditate on , learn from this sermon and as you do so, may God bless his words in your heart, grant you all your heart desires and give you the grace to live in accordance with his words.

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    Video Credit : Chrystal Evans Hurst Youtube

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