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Chrystal Evans Hurst Message: How To Stop Being A Victim

    Chrystal Evans Hurst Message How To Stop Being A Victim : Chrystal Evans Hurst has come up through with this message titled “How To Stop Being A Victim” . In this sermon, Pastor Chrystal Evans stated that a victim is not who you were created to be. She said that maybe you find yourself feeling powerless every now and again … and went on to ask if you know that having a victim mentality can sabotage your efforts to live your life well? Chrystal said not everything is under our control and challenged you to find what is in your control. She said you have been gifted with the power to choose so embrace your power today and live a life you love.

    Teaching more on this via Instagram, Chrystal Evans Hurst wrote:

    “Feel powerless?

    Out of control?

    Out of options?

    However you may feel, please choose to believe that you have power. Don’t acquiesce to a victim mindset and absorb the lie that you can’t do anything to change your situation.”

    Watch and learn from this message by Chrystal Evans Hurst: “How To Stop Being A Victim” as we bring the latest messages from Chrystal Evans Hurst to you.

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