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Christine Caine – Anointing vs. Gifting | Teaching Moment

    Christine Caine Sermon Anointing vs. Gifting : Watch Pastor Christine Caine sermon titled ”Anointing vs Gifting. This is a sermon you would love to listen to as it contains a lot of inspiring messages.

    In this message, Christine Caine talks about Anointing vs Giving and the importance of being developed by God versus discovered by man.

    Summary of the message

    Many of us think our destiny is a snap and upload – Illustration: Polaroid Camera process. – “You don’t need to be discovered by God, He already discovered you.” – “You don’t need to be discovered by God you need to be developed.” – “If the approval of men has discovered you it will destroy you.”

    “Allow the image of God to be forged on the inside of us.” There is a big difference between gift and anointing – A gift will fill a room, it is the anointing that breaks the yoke.

    “The only way we get anointing is through the crushing.” – We need a generation that is willing to go through the dark room. – “God is not looking for more people to parade, He is looking for ones to be crushed.” – “We need leaders that know the difference between goosebumps and anointing.”

    – We will see so much shift in churches around the earth if us as leaders will be willing to go through the crushing in a dark room. We think anointing means instant appointing – 1 Samuel 16:1-15; 2 Samuel 5:4 – David was anointed at 17 but he wasn’t appointed he was 37.

    – “When you want to be discovered by men you will be rejected by men.” It’s God that chooses -“You will only ever have grace to run the race you are supposed to.” – Rest in the sovereignty of God that He knows best.

    God can’t trust you with people if you rank what’s important or not. Sometimes you are not invited to your own party – If it’s not edifying you, if it’s not blessing you, then unfollow.

    We can miss out what God has for us because we are too busy scrolling through all the things we aren’t invited to. – “When you are faithful in the presence of God you won’t know what you aren’t invited to.” First impressions do not always count – “Sometimes you can have the right heart and see the wrong one.”

    Stop looking for the famous and raise up the anointed. – He’s looking for the new thing, not the next thing. – “He doesn’t do the next of anyone, he does a brand-new thing.” It’s always an issue of the heart – When you wonder why some people fall, it’s because there was a disparity between their inner world and their outer world.

    At some point, whatever is in you will come out. You can either let it happen in the dark room with just God, or it will get exposed in the light with everyone. – It is more important how to be more like God than how many likes we get.

    “I would rather be marked by God than be marketed by men.” – “The crushing is not to destroy you, it’s to get rid of the stuff in you.” There is no overnight success – On this side of eternity, there is not an arrival point.

    Story: Chinese underground church – If you are willing to be crushed, then there is no building that could hold everyone. People will come to the presence of God. – Sometimes you just have to encourage yourself in the Lord. – “God is preparing you for the thing He has already prepared for you.”

    Video Credit : WorshipU by Bethel Music

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