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Chrishan Jeyaratnam Sermons 2021– Courage Under Fire

    Chrishan Jeyaratnam Sermons Courage Under Fire : Here comes another latest and most inspiring sermon coming to us from the  Hillsong Church through Pastor Chrishan Jeyaratnam which is titled “Courage Under Fire”. Chrishan Jeyaratnam, Hillsong Church’s Western Australia & Bali State Leader, shares an inspiring has come through with this life changing sermon dealing with  having courage under fire. His preaching today is deduced from  the book of Acts and he ceased the opportunity to critically identifies and evaluate valuable lessons we can learn from the disciples which will aid us  to have courage in the midst of difficult circumstances.

    According to the famous Hillsong Chucrh pastor, whenever we find ourselves in unfamiliar circumstances, all  we need to is to take courage. recall that in Acts 8:1 we read about how severe persecution started against the church. At that point, all the church/Christians needed to withstand the pressure, temptation and persecution was courage. Courage is being strong and focused in the midst of difficulties and troubles.  There is a lesson we will learn from how the Christians responded under this circumstances. The disciples persevered under fire and this is because the words of Jesus in John 16:32-33 strengthened them. Brethren, the word of God is strength. The word of God giveth courage backed with wisdom.

    Whatever situation we find ourselves in, Christ has already overcome the world for us. What we are to do is to take courage, walk through it knowing that Jesus has overcome the world. In spite of the circumstances, we will be able to see God do remarkable thing in our life.

    As a child of God, it is pertinent to note that nothing is above God’s control and God can never allow you to be harmed or ashamed unless that will lead to your upliftment. At the point of trials, troubles, difficulties, fire, pressure, look onto God with absolute faith. He is the ever capable God. Remind him that without him, you can do nothing but that with him, all things are possible as provided in the book of Mathew, 7:7.

    Watch and learn from this “Hillsong Church Sermon With Pastor Chrishan Jeyaratnam Sermons  titled “Courage Under Fire”  and remember to always keep tuned with Allpasters sermon website as we bring you the latest sermons from Pastors around the world particular the Sermons of US Pastors.

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