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Chris Mendez Sermons – It’s Coming

    Chris Mendez Sermons 13 September 2021 It’s Coming – The promise of God is coming into our lives. Elijah had just experienced a great victory against the prophets of Baal. But they were experiencing a  great drought, Elijah by faith heard the sound of a mighty rain storm and next he knew that the purpose of the drought had come to an end.

    Romans 10 vs. 17 says “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God”. That 1s why when we are faced with so many limitations and so many thing are not going our way, we have to make sure that we are listening to the right words, the words of God.  we have to prepare our hearts to allow us hear from God continuously because faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God.

    Once Elijah heard the rain storm, he went into prayers and also sent his servant to go check, to see if what he heard was on its way but his servant saw nothing. Many of us christians have been in similar situations, where we hear from God and hear in our heart of great things and promises of God, it  could also be what was preached in the church sat so well in your heart but upon looking at your life, you do not see anything happening or even the chances of such great things happening, most of us are in situations like this where our physical seeing and our hearing from God do not line up or align.

    what do we do when there is a great distance between what we hear and what we are seeing? we must continually pray at the level of God’s promise to us not at the level of our problems or what we can see with our natural eyes. God’s promise to us is coming upon our lives, all we need to do is pray continuously like Elijah and believe.


    1ST KINGS 18 VS 41-46

    Romans 10 vs. 17

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