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Charles Stanley sermon -God’s Word gives wisdom

    Charles Stanley  (August-18-2019) Sermon: God’s Word gives wisdom.  The greatest and the only source of wisdom is in the words of God.

    We are encouraged to begin each day seeking the will of God. Dr. Charles Stanley on the value of pursuing God’s point of view. The more acquainted we get with the words of God, the more wisdom we acquire. It is highly important to begin our days with the words of God and end our days with the word too.

    The word of God in addition to giving us wisdom, also gives us strength and courage. Reading the word of God and seeing its impact requires two things, namely; the reading of the word, praying for the understanding of the word, believing in the word, allowing the words to guide our actions. Once we do these, the benefits of the words of God will be ours.

    Credit for Charles Stanley sermon” the words of God give wisdom: charles Stanley youtube



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