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Protecting Our Future – Charles Stanley Daily Devotional

    Charles Stanley Daily Devotional Protecting Our Future : Many people give little thought to the consequences of their decisions; as a result they risk sacrificing their future blessings to   satisfy present pleasures, an example is seen in the book of Genesis, when Esau was swayed by the needs and desires of hunger.

    Esau failed to value the privilege of his birthright. In those days, the oldest son received the double portion of the inheritance of their father, along with the leadership of the family.

    In the situation of Esau, there was much more at stake, his birthright, contained blessings of the covenant God had made with Abraham. Esau didn’t care enough about his spiritual heritage so he thoughtlessly sold it for a meal.

    It is easy to see how Esau messed up because we aren’t in the same situation, however, as believers we need to ask ourselves if we are sacrificing God’s spiritual blessings for short term gains, it could be spending long hours playing or Working but reserving little time for God’s words and prayers. You can control your future by yielding to the holy spirits control and by loving obeying and serving God; this investment brings long term blessings that continue till eternity.

    Bible verse for this preaching

    Genesis 25 19-34




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