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Gratitude in the Storms of Life – Charles Stanley Daily Devotional

     Charles Stanley Daily Devotional 17 September 2021 : Jesus told us that we will have hardships, as expected he was right, as unpleasant as trials are, we must endeavour to give thanks to God. there are three provisions a christian believer can count on during adversity they are Gods presence, a pathway during the trouble and potential to grow.

    God also protects us during our struggles, he does not stop us from struggling but he never departs from us in times of hardship, his spirit always dwells in us once we trust in him, we are also assured that nothing can separate us from Gods love. so we must keep in mind that our ever present God, stays with us through the hardships, providing guidance and speaking truth  to the situation provided we believe in him.

    God also gives peace to his followers, in the midst of problems, they do not suffer anxiety, gods peace is always available to his followers, this inner serenity does not depend on if circumstances have improved, it is a result of our relationship with him. for this reason we are advised to be more concerned on relying on God than fixing the problem.

    As we recognise the lords provision, we can genuinely express gratitude which will fix our eyes on him rather than on our circumstances. we might not know what the purpose for our trial is but we must remember that our God is good and trust Worthy.


    1 Thessalonians 5:14-18



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