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Charles Metcalf Sermon: Win The War Within // How Do I Win The War?

    Charles Metcalf Sermon Win The War Within : Transformation Church shares this sermon by Pastor Charles Metcalf released on the January 9 2022 Sunday titled  : “Win The War Within // How Do I Win The War?” which is a part of the new series titled “The Sauce”. Herein, he teaches that there is a war inside of all of us. He said there are two forces constantly battling each other: our flesh and our spirit and it is the fight for true freedom in our lives. In this sermon, Pastor Charles teaches us three things we can do to be victorious in this fight.

    Watch and learn from this  Pastor Charles Metcalf sermon : “Win The War Within // How Do I Win The War?” as we bring the latest messages from Charles Metcalf to you.

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