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Change Church Sunday Live 11:30am Service September 26 2021

    Change Church Sunday Live Service September 26 2021 – This is another amazing and graceful Sunday live service at Change Church for September 26 2021 with Pastor Dharius Daniels and it is a service that will be filled with worship and praise. Join the Change Church online live Sunday Service with Pastor Dharius Daniels and enjoy the amazing experience of grace and blessings.

    The senior pastor of Change Church and a well known Bible Teacher, evangelist and author, Dharius Daniels  has changed and impacted impacted on the lives of many people in and around the world, more especially in  the United States of America through his teachings and way of life.

    While Inviting everyone to this Sunday service, Change Church wrote on Instagram:

    We’re streaming ALL day 9am 11:30am 3pm & 5pm est.

    PD is dropping yet another 🔥🔥sermon!

    What time will you be streaming with us?”

    Join, Watch and learn from this “Change Church Sunday Live Service September 26 2021” as we bring the latest Sunday services from Churches across the United States of America, Canada and Australia to you. Change Church Sunday services and sermons are programs you cannot afford to miss as they are geared towards making tremendous impact in our spiritual growth and wellbeing.

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