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Build Yourself an Ark – Gloria Copeland

    Build Yourself an Ark Gloria Copeland sermon – What if Noah did not obey God, What if he did not believe the rain was going to fall. Genesis 6 vs 11 says “Now the earth was corrupt in God’s sight and was full of violence”. The ark did two things for Noah, first it provided him deliverance from destruction, that was yet to come, secondly, it kept his family safe when the whole world was perishing.

    We must individually build our own  ark for ourselves and our families, but instead of using the cypress wood, we build ourselves an ark with God’s words. we can live safe and secured in the ark of protection, in spite of the dangers in the world. With the world of God in your heart and mouth.

    Even though the world seems chaotic, we do not have to participate in it, we can choose to participate in God’s words, we must be focused on the word of God, do not go swimming when we are supposed to be in God’s ark.

    psalm 91 says “Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty”, dwelling is defined  in this  case as a place where we always return to for rest, like a forever home.

    To build our ark, we have to abide in the word, that means we have to understand and know the word first and then build it into our lives, at all time, good and bad times. when you are having a bad time, dig into Gods words and do whatever it says, it has to be a lifestyle of the word, you do not have to ever leave the word of God, it is a forever thing, in other to build the ark, you have to obey the word and  declare the word.

    Gloria Copeland gives us the three steps in building our own ark, they are; To Abide in God’s words, To obey God’s words and To declare Gods words.

    Genesis 6 vs 11
    Psalm 91 vs 1

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