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Biography of Pastor Bryan Woodson

    The gospel of Jesus Christ remains a central message in many world countries. Through the efforts of men and women, these messages have reached numerous individuals in diverse uncivilized places.

    Biography of Pastor Bryan Woodson

    Pastor Bryan Woodson
    Bryan Woodson
    Background Information
    Full Name: Bryan Woodson
    Gender Male
    Place of Birth: United States
    Nationality: American
    Net Worth
    Occupation: Campus Pastor

    Pastor Bryan Woodson is a pastor at Free Chapel Gwinnett. He holds a major position in the church and mainly functions as a preacher; he has many messages available for individuals looking to understand the scriptures.

    Pastor Bryan Woodson is popular in the church, given the level of contributions he has made to the success of reaching out to people with the message of the good news.


    Pastor Bryan Woodson is estimated to be in his mid-40s.

    Early Life And Education

    Pastor Bryan Woodson was born in California and spent many years with his family. He attended Winston Churchill High School in San Antonio, Texas. Pastor Bryan Woodson enrolled and graduated from Oral Roberts University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Management. After that, he went to the National Institute of Christian Leadership (NICL).

    Personal Life

    Pastor Bryan Woodson’s marriage details are undisclosed, but he is said to be married with three children.


    Pastor Bryan Woodson has always had an interest in preaching and bringing awareness of God’s word to the heart of many. He remained a prominent officiating pastor with Free Chapel and has gained numerous recognition for his works.

    Pastor Bryan Woodson has taught on several topics, with many available online for interested individuals. The campus ministry is a section of Free Chapel that has seen extensive attention and focus on helping youth. It has served as a medium where young people have been provided with the word of God, able to change their lives.

    Pastor Bryan Woodson is a major role player in campus ministry and mainly serves under the arm of Free Chapel Church.

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