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Brian Houston Sermons – God IS. God CAN. God WILL. 4

    Brian Houston Sermons God IS. God CAN. God WILL. 4 – We are happy to bring to you to you the Hillsong Church  new message by Pastor Brian Houston which is titled “God IS. God CAN. God WILL. 4”.

    Pastor Brian stated  that many of us have had days that things did not go the way we had planned them. He made reference to the remarkable story  of Job in the bible. In Job chapter 1 unimaginable things had happened to Job. within a twinkle of an eye, he lost everything including his children.

    When God asked the devil where he came from , he answered that he is moving to and fro on the face of the earth. This is why the enemy can attack from every side. The intention of the enemy is to steal, kill and destroy as he walks to and fro on the face of the earth.

    The first peter chapter 5 verse 8 tell us that we need to be sober, be vigilant because your adversary the devil walks about, he’s on the move like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.

    Pastor Brian tell us that the two places that the devil attacked Job is in the area of enemy and storms and that is still the same area he attacks us. We may not ask for enemies but we find people opposing us for no reason.

    The storms of life can take many different forms and they often involve assaults against your character. He added that the attacks are not just natural and it’s always good to remember that they’re spiritual.  It’s not just flesh and blood, it’s principalities and powers.

    This is a message that will open your eyes.

    Watch and learn from this “Hillsong Church Sermon With Pastor Brian Houston Sermons  titled “God IS. God CAN. God WILL. 4” as we bring the latest sermons from Pastors around the world to you daily.

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