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Brian Carn: Biography and everything you need to know about Brian Carn

    Brian Carn: Biography and everything you need to know about Brian Carn

    This article is aimed at helping us know Brian Carn better, at the end of the article; we should be able to know the answers to a lot of questions concerning pastor Brian Carn like:

    When does Brian Carn celebrate his birthday?

    How old is Brian Carn?

    Where was Brian Carn born?

    Who are Brian Carn parents?

    Is Brian Carn an only child?

    Who are Brian Carn siblings?

    Where did Brian Carn study?

    Which church does Brian Carn attend?

    Who is Brian Carn married to?

    How many children does Brian Carn have?

    What is there to know about Brian Carn career?

    Brian Carn Quotes.

    Brian Carn Books.

    Brian Carn Sermons.

    Brian Carn Social media handle.


    Prophet Brian Carn is a famous American preacher, prophet, gospel minister and religious leader. He is famous for his prophecies; in other words, prophet Brian is known on a global scale for his accurate prophecies.



    Prophet Brian Carn was born on the 11th of September 1989, which makes him 33 years old in 2022; he celebrates his birthday on the 11th of September every year.



    Brian Carn was born to his parents in Jacksonville, Florida USA.



    Brian Cahn’s father’s name is Brian Carn Snr, while his mother’s name is Andrea Carn.



    Pastor Brians only known sibling is Keaundra Nickelberry, there is no futher information on if this is his only sibling or who is the senior.



    There is no information on Brian Carn spouse, if he is in any relationship at the moment. However, there are claims that he is married to a woman named Kim White.



    Prophet Brian had became born again at age eight and he also received the gift of the Holy Spirit not long after hence he started to preach the Bible at a very young age. Brian Carn hosted his first three-day revival when he was just twelve years old.

    Prophet Carn founded the Brian Carn Ministry; he started ministering at a young age. currently, he has over 300,000 people following him internationally. The Brian Carn Ministry is usually broadcasted all over the world on television stations such as: Daystar, TBN, and The Word Network. He is known also for hosting two other shows, they are; “Brian Carn LIVE” and “Prophetic Encounters with Prophet Brian Carn”. Pastor Hinn prophesied upon the life of Brian Carn, he said, he would walk in the same anointing and mantle that the Lord had placed on his own life, and that he would even have a double portion.

    Prophet Brian Carn, is the Chief Executive Pastor of Kingdom City Church, located in  in Charlotte, North Carolina, and St. Mary’s, Georgia.



    Pastor Carn Brian asides being a pastor is also a talented singer and recording artist. Below are some spirit lifting songs by Pastor Brian Carn:

    • Abba, I belong to You
    • God is Doing Something Wonderful.



    Below are some books by Brian Carn:

    • Making a prophet
    • Where is My Charger? Old Testament Prophets in a High Tech Society
    • The Vault is Open 1
    • The Vault is Open 2



    Pastor Brian Carn’s net worth is approximately $1.5 Million, he makes his money from numerous sources, the young pastor earns from his church salary, his online presence, the sales of his books, and his public speaking engagements.



    There are some rumors associated with the young pastor Brian Carn, they include:

    Brian carn in 2018 was accused by a member of his church that he sexually assaulting his wife in Jacksonville. This member of his church was worked at the church and when he brought up the issue, it was dismissed and never tackled.

    Pastor Brian Carn in 2020 was said to have held an Easter service in his church even though he was corona virus positive, he also held this service without any protective gear. There was a recording where he admitted to this accusation, he claims that he only had some symptoms.

    In February 2022, a preacher called Demetrius Sinegal, over sexual immorality with his wife, also accused Pastor Carn Brian. This was not the first of this kind of accusation. However Pastor Carn did not admit to or debunk this rumor.



    Brian carn can contacted on the platforms below:

    Instagram: @prophetcarn

    Twitter: @prophetcarn


    I hope this article on Brian Carn: Biography and everything you need to know about Brian Carn, has helped you know him better.


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