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Breakthrough Easter Message and Declaration By Bishop Oyedepo

    Breakthrough Easter message By Bishop David Oyedepo: Easter is the time we celebrate the resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Chrust who died on the cross to save us fro,m sins and to defeat death.

    As Jesus has risen today, we all have risen with him. Our problems are over, our sicknesses, lacks, etc are gone. We are indeed Victoriuos. Death has been defeated .


    Matthew 28 vs 6 says “He is not here: for he is risen, as he said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay.”

    Hallelujah, Jesus has risen!

    Jesus specializes in making non-entities become entities!
    Why not repent and come to Jesus today!

    Practice resting in God and watch what happens to those seemingly great and impossible situations confronting you.

    All your children will soar higher than you in your lifetime!

    Curses shall not have a place around your life anymore!

    Jesus the great healer is here!
    Even strange sicknesses stand no chance with Jesus! You are healed of any form of illness,
    Living a righteous or holy life will take you to places and put you in positions you never imagined. Choose to live for God, let sin be far away from you and watch as God keeps lifting you up.
    Marital curses, career curses, the curse of wayward children and all other curses hanging over your life are finally broken today, in the name of Jesus!
    Psalm 44 vs 8 says “In God we boast all the day long, and praise thy name for ever.”

    God is the doer, He specializes in doing the impossible, He is able to turn your story around! God shall turn your story around today.

    God will bring you out of every prison, place you in the palace, and decorate you with authority!
    Brethren, Our saviour Jesus Christ has risen. Defeated has no power again. We are victorious. We are indeed the lucky generation. To God be all the glosry and honor.
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