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Bishop TD Jakes Thanksgiving Service November 19 2023

    Bishop TD Jakes Thanksgiving Service November 19 2023 : Join Us for an Inspirational Sunday Service with Bishop TD Jakes!

    You’re invited to experience the transformative power of faith and community at The Potter’s House Church in Dallas, led by Bishop TD Jakes.

    Come and be a part of this momentous Sunday service where Bishop TD Jakes will share his empowering message of hope, spiritual guidance, and wisdom. Whether you’re seeking inspiration, encouragement, or a deeper connection with your faith, this service is an opportunity for you to experience the warmth of fellowship and the uplifting teachings that have touched lives worldwide.

    Join us in the heart of Dallas for a service that welcomes everyone, offering a sanctuary for reflection, growth, and community.

    Seats are limited, so arrive early to secure your place in this empowering gathering.

    Note: If unable to attend in person, the service will also be streamed live online for those who wish to join remotely.

    Come and be a part of an enriching experience that can ignite your spirit and set you on a path of fulfillment and purpose.

    You can also check out this amazing sermon by Bishop TD Jakes below


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